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Has anyone out there been pregnant and diagnosed with OC simulatneously???

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My story is rather long, so I'll just give you the abbreviated version.....

I'm a 35 year old working wife/mom of 3 girls, ages 11, 8 & 5.   I felt a mass in my abdomen in Oct. 2012 and went to see a gyn that specializes in pelvic surgery.   Doc sent me for an ultraound in Nov. 2012 and found that I had a 16 cm mass on my ovary and that I was 6 weeks pregnant.   Referred to Onc/Gyn in Dec. 2012 and had preliminary debulking and diagnosed with Stage 1C in Feb. 2013.   My Onc wants me to start Taxol/Carbo right away on the 1 day every 21 day cycle.  Both my OB and Maternal Fetal Docs agree with this procedure. 

Here's the part that seems unreal to me....

I've tried googling Chemo while Pregnant, Ovarian Cancer while pregnant, Debulking while pregnant and there are only a few articles about the process, but I would really like to find one person....just one human being that has been in this predicament that can lend me some "what to expect when you're expecting and have cancer" kind of answers.   I can't even find a blog anywhere from a woman that can explain how she's feeling, what she's doing or anything......

If anyone out there knows of someone or has themselves gone through this process, I would be so grateful for their email address. 

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I am sorry you are going thru this. I was not pregnant as the time of my diagnosis, but I do understand how scary this can be. It is good that they found your cancer at an early stage though, and if they say the chemo will not harm the baby maybe it will be ok. Did you ask them if it would be ok to start chemo after you have the baby? I handled the Taxol and Carbo pretty well. Hair loss is kinda difficult to deal with, but it comes right back when your done. Some nausea, and joint pain but its usually just a couple of days. Its not easy having young children and recieving chemo and hearing you have cancer, I am also 35 with 2 young boys, but you sound like a strong women and your gonna do great and you can beat this! Best of luck with your next step and keep us posted.

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Welcome to the board.  I was not pregnant when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer but please know that I am praying that the chemo does what it's supposed to do for you.



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Kaiti, I was thinking about your situation overnight and just remembered:

There was a woman from Cape Cod, Mass (name Carol - handle me_and_my_mom) posting on this board a few months ago who was a 19 year survivor of stage 1 OC diagnosed at young age while pregnant and treated with chemo. Her mother had MMMT (ovarian carcinosarcoma) and passed away in January 2013. Maybe you could get in touch with her through CSN email? Or post a new topic with her name, maybe she still reads the board and will respond.

She talked about her past experiences in 2 posts below: 


http://csn.cancer.org/node/251330 (read the whole post, it's towards the end)


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It's me, Carol. I was diagnosed w/ ovarian cancer when I was 4 months pregnant w/ my second child. I had very large dermoid cyst, which is typically benign, but in my case contained cancer cells. They called it a germ cell tumor - common in younger women, and similar in type to testicular cancer in men. I was stage one and grade 3. After my surgery (which I had when I was about 4 months pregnant) they said I would 4 rounds of adjuvent chemo to be sure no stray cells got away. I had a chemo regimen of Cisplatin, Bleomycin and Etopiside, every 3 weeks, for 4 full cycles. I had the chemo while I was in my 5th, 6th and 7th months of pregnancy. They told me that after 3 months gestation, the baby is already completely formed, and just  needs to grow and develope more. Their biggest concern was early labor, and of the baby not thriving because of my nutritional status throughout chemo. The doctors (I was treated at Dana Farber in Boston - 1993) told me that the placenta filters alot of the chemo from the baby.  I sailed through the chemo (well, not really sailed through, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be). The doctors think that because I was pregnant, my  blood was thicker and replenished quicker, which is why I had an easier time than other women going through the same chemo protocol. I did loose all my  hair, and my blood counts plummetted towards the end, but I never even vomitted once.  Anyhow - I got through it, pregnancy in tact. I did  not go into early labor, and I gave birth to Matthew  in June of 1993. He was smaller than my first born at 6 lbs 10 oz, and he didn't look as robust as my first born, but w/in a few weeks, he was chubby and just gorgeous. I will celebrate being cancer free for 20 years on May 5th of this year - and Matthew will turn 20 in June. He is fine. Better than fine. The best boy in the world - cannot imagine my life w/o my Matthew. Hope this helps. Feel free to private message me anytime.


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As of today I'm only 8 days out of my first treatment.  I've had a few rough days where I feel completed drained, but otherwise, I'm keeping it together.  My Onc gave me  shot of neuplasta the day after treatment and the side effects from that as well as the taxol had me partially paralyzed for a couple of days.  Or at least that's what it felt like.  In addition, the Zofran meds give me migranes that i'm treating with pez, i mean tylenol.   But I'm alive.  And so is baby No. 4.  So I won't complain.


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  You are amazing ! I can't imagine going thru what you are dealing with, I feel like a whining baby after reading your story . please keep us updated and if you have any questions for us just ask.

   My daughter works at a cancer hospital and she has mentioned that there were patients that were in treatment while pregnant. I think there is a number you can call where they will try to match you with a cancer survivor in a similar situation. Try calling 800-227-2345  and they can give you more info it is the number to the American Cancer Society.


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