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Squamous Cell Carinoma on Temple Leading to Nerve Invasion

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Hi, I am new to this site. Glad to have found it. My dad has been diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma that has invaded his facial nerves. he is being told to do radiation. It is advanced and inoperable, so that is the treatment. Another doctor said radiation and chemo. Anyone out there who has been through this and has thoughts. It is so hard to make decisions. Don't want to make him sicker but want him  to live.





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Sorry we have to meet this way. 

Yes, it is so hard to make decisions when two Dr.'s give you two opinions and they aren't the same.  You don't say how old your dad is, or what his general health status might be.  Are either of these Dr.'s affiliated with a large cancer center?  It might behoove you to get a third opinion from a place where they see a lot of cancer (if you're not already dealing witha large center).  If he's relatively young and in good health, my temptation would to bring out all the guns, both chemo and rads and hit it hard.....go to any length to eradicate the cancer.  Treatment is going to make him sicker no matter how you look at it....but it's temporary.....Your dad is the first I've heard of getting it in the temple (I've only been here for a year, so that's not saying much Laughing).

Mrs. Sarge
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SCC that began right at her temple.  We went to 10 different Dr. before it was diagnosed.  When it was finally determined, her options were few.  The Radiologist really wanted chemo to go along with the radiation as he said this would be bad.  We had no idea how bad.  I say hit it hard and do everything you can reasonably do, as this can be bad and ugly!  My thoughts will be with you all as you decide your course of action.  My Mom was older and didn't want the chemo so we only had the radiation to fight with and the cancer won! 

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Hi Patricia,


Welcome to the H&N forum, sorry you find our services necessary.


It sounds like it is treatable; if it was me I would do everything I could to produce a positive outcome.  I t may be a tough road, but your better options are few.


In my case I selected to have surgery followed by radiation and Erbitux, so far so good.


This journey is survivable.



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Ingrid K
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Welcome...glad you found this site.

If it were me or my parent, I would throw everything I had at it...chemo AND radiation.  The chemo is used to aid the radiation in head and neck cancers.   In my opinion, if you don't do the chemo also, you will always second guess your decision.

The treatment is doable -- it will be hard and it will make him sick, but it will give him the best possible chance of surviving this.


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Chemo is also used in case cells have escaped from the primary area they are infecting and have migrated to another part of the body.  This is obviously a BID DEAL as you don't want to fight the SCC that is there now just to have it show up someplace down the road.  I opted for Chemo in addition to the Rads on my SCC of the tongue for just for this reason.



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Hi Patricia,

Echoing the others in that both chemo and rads as the best course of action. The tumors in my neck that were removed had broken through their capsules. The chemo is to eradicate any rouge cancer cells that are on the lymph node/bloodstream highway. Rads to kill any localized cells.


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