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2nd clinical trial done, no help. :(

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well looks like the cat scan results showed disease progression, and I am off of the Dalantercept. I only had 2 shots, and thought they would give it more time, but my Onc wants to see me tomorrow to discuss my next step. he said the amount of growth surpassed their limits for me to stay on the drug. I knew they were growing, I can feel it, and I am starting to bloat from the ascites again. Guessing i'm going on a new chemo like Doxil or Gemzar. I just want to scream.......

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I am so sorry that the second clinical trial did not work.  I'm hoping and praying that your oncologist's new game plan has a positive outcome for you.  Please keep us posted when you can.



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Thanks kelly, I really appreciate your response! Sometimes it just feels good to get some thoughts out. I am gonna be starting a new trial with Doxil and a text drug as soon as I get all my testing done. I am actually feeling alot better after my appt and he made me feel like I still have alot of options left. Hoping third time is the charm!

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the very best for you, Shannon.  This disease is all about ups and downs as we all know.  We get hit with bad news, mull it around for awhile and then move forward.  I am constantly amazed with the strength exhibited by the ladies on this board.  It's not easy, I admit to having a hard time the last few months.  I can't control what cancer does to me physically but I can fight like hell to keep it from controlling my heart and soul.



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Sorry to hear This trial didn't  work. I hope the next chemo will do the trick and reduce the tumor's . Stay strong...Val


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I am very sorry that Dalantercept did not do its job.

However upsetting and hard this cancer journey is, I firmly believe that you will make it through and come out a winner.

What more motivation do you need than your two wonderful little boys?

Virtual hugs,


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Sorry this clinical trial didn't work for you! There are other weapons to be tried. Don't give up. When you get a chance watch this YouTube. IM keeping my eye oyet his company. Praying they will fit the bullseye. www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aK2e1tsMCs.

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