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Todays scan

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had a chest and neck scan at Hershey today, this comes following surgery I had in September to remove a small cancerous nodule in my left lung. Doctor said no cancer, still have a small 4mm nodule in left lung that is not cancerous, it's been there since 2010 and has not changed, I did not know it was there, so I had two nodules, one that turned cancerous and one that did not, they showed me the 2010 scan, 2011 and todays scan, the cancerous nodule did not appear until last year. Throat was OK no change and all nodes good. Another check up in September barring any problems. Denis

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Great News That nothing unexpected appeared on a scan is all we can hope for. I get re-scanned next week to determine whether the chemo is working. So keep your prayers going for me, please. Best of wishes for you. Let's hope we can both continue to muddle thru. Rick.

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Hope all goes well for you Rick, we won't just muddle through we will explode through.

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Pam M
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Do well on your scan, Rick.

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Sounds good, looks good.  Can’t beat that!





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Great news Denis!


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Glad all is well, hope you continue to get good news.

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Thanks, it was a bit nervy as I also had a pulmonary function test, that's not an easy thing to get through, I had no idea it was so tough to do, we take breathing for granted, at one stage your nose is clipped off and you breathe thru a tube in your mouth and that gets turned off, scary. passed it well, got a 103%, so I beat the average.

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Congratulations on both the scan good news, and being above average; you must eat powder milk biscuits.  It's time to relax, enjoy, of course take a deep breath (deeper than most), and keep it movin forward..............*


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I am so happy to hear how well you are doing.  Lol....those spirometer tests are so fun !  The first couple I had done were in the office just hooked up to a computer.  The next few have been done in what I like to compare to a telephone booth.  You blow so long and hard it feels like your head is gonna explode.  And yeah...the plastic nose clip.  I have another one coming up in a few weeks, to recheck lung function after the Vats wedge I had done in Dec.  103 % holy molie !  Come do mine hunh ?  I'm gonna do my best to beat you....but thinking I won't come anywhere's near.  Last one was 35 %.  Continued success, I'm very impressed and smiling for you !    Katie

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Great news..., keep up the no changes, other than continued good scans bro...


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hey guys.  dennis, so glad to hear all went well.  that's what we pray for.  it's always good to hear as well as encouraging for the rest of us.

to be golden, will be praying for you to get the same news.  all is well. 

take care and God Bless all.


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Pam M
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Keep up the good work.

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Congrats on the scan....and the 103% (I mean that's got to be a GOOD score).   You're doing great.

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Glad to hear your news of a good scan! Cheers to more of those in your future. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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That is awesome news and I am so thrilled for you. Feel good and enjoy that all your hard work has paid off!

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Good to see you post and even better to see the good news!!!

Rick, whispered a prayer your scan shows great results!!!



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Wow, Denis congrats!

Nice to hear so much good news today, glad you are a shinning in it's realm.

Your family and friends must be thrilled.


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Good to hear Dennis.


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Great to hear the good news Denis!




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Denis, great news and so looking forward to many more no change updates. 


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