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Scan results from yesterday.

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Hi Ladies.

My doctor called me this morning with my CT results. He said my disease is stable.  I have all lymph node involvement.  He said there are no new lymph nodes since scans four months ago.  He said a few nodes increased by a milimeter while others decreased slightly.  He plans to keep me on doxil as long as it's working and I can tolerate it.  Scans every three months.  While we all hope for NED, I'll take stable!  God is good!!


Thanks for all your encouragement.





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It's a relief! Try to put it out of your mind till the next scan and enjoy every day.

Virtual hugs, Alexandra

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Glad to be done
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I am with alexandra.... Put it to the back of your mind and don't let it consume you.  Enjoy this. You have fought  hard and deserve it. I am so happy for you.  If you can't have Ned stable is the next best thing

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I'm happy for you too.  Stable is darn good!

Take care,


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  • Lymph node tumor's are hard to get and we must keep on top of progression.                                                                  Tongue Out  2013-03-08
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you are so right he is good

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Hi Carla,

Stable is wonderful news. You have been through so much the last few years, it really is wonderful to get some positive news. You deserve it.

NED is great, but stable is pretty darn wonderful too !

Enjoy, spring is just around the corner.

Huge hugs


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