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Hurry up and wait

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I know that RCC is supposed to be slow growing and that the one that I have is very small at 1.2cm. Still, the doctor is considering the biopsy as nondiagnostic since it came back as normal kidney cells and the biopsy team was having such a hard time getting to it. So, now I get to wait another 2.5 weeks before I can get an MRI. Ok, rant over.



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If you got to wait another 2.5 years it's unlikely to make a significant difference so I don't know how you can call  2.5 weeks a wait - I'd say it's taking it at a rush! 

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Patrick, let's trade. I don't think mine was that small since I was 12. My tumor(s) I mean.

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Keep us posted with your results Patrick. It's easy to feel like time is of the essence. I know that feeling all too well. But do yourself a favouretry and chill. Keep yourself busy in between appointments and try not to do your head in with the unknown. Good luck, Mel

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