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PET Can update - question

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My husband completed his radiation and chemo treatment in December of 2011. He had a terrible time healing and had many set backs. Within the last month he has had a pet scan Pet scan did light up in 2 places 4.0 and d 4.2. One where the original tunor was and other one furhter down in his voice box. Yhe oncologist said he wasn't concerned - that the number was low and because of all of his complications of healing that this didn't surprise him. He scheduled another pet scan for 6 months. Then he had his appoint with his ENT. ENT said healing much much improved and looked good. He did said that there was tightening around whre the tumor was but nothing was growing outward. He said it just could be scar tissue and to come back in 3 months. OK my QUESTION - is this good news? Is this common or normal? Has anyone else had this feedback a year after treatment is completed? He feels great and has gained 15 pounds in the last 6 months but this feedback makes me nervous. Our ENT always tells the the worst and is terribly uplifting - The oncologist is the opposite. Just looking for some reassurance. It's been a tough 2 years.



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when both of your hubby's Dr.'s agree that they aren't concerned with the results of the PET scan.  Scar tissue lights up, that's a fact.....the ENT can see and feel it.  AND they want to do another PET in 6 months, so if by some long shot there is something to get concerned about down the road, they'll be up on it.  The ENT wants to see him again in 3 months (my ENT says he'd see something faster than a PET could pick it up, so I'm glad I'm seeing him often).

Time to breathe a sigh of relief, and enjoy hubby's new found healing.


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Ingrid K
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Ditto what Phrannie says --- take it as good news and don't borrow trouble from tomorrow.

You are only a bit over a year out so lots of thing could still be lighting up on a PET.

6 month follow-up PETs sound like a good idea so sounds like our docs are staying on top of things.

Best wishes for continued recovery for hubby and peace of mind for both of you.

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Is this his first post treatment PET scan...?

If yes, then it's probably like mentioned not necessarily a bad thing, and the base line from here out.

If you trust your MD's as it sounds like you do, then I'd take it as they have told you. They are aware and keeping an eye on it, and planning on follow-up checks.

So, with that I too would take it as a good sign and report...

Best ~ John

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