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Katie....you finally added a picture

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so we can put a face to the beautiful words, and genuine compassion and encouragement you offer on a daily basis....NICE seeing you, my dear!!!  Laughing


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I colored my greys finally.  Wasn't gonna but the last 5yrs. added 20 to me.  I tried hard to smile, but my dang teeth won't stay put without the gunk.  So yeap....me and sorry if it scares some of you.  My kids told me I looked mad ?  I was having a very good day !  Thanks for noticing Phrannie and all the kind words !   Katie

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Ingrid K
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I love the new picture (I actually just sent you a private message about it).

I have not let too many pics be taken of me post surgery, so you have inspired me....I may change my profile pic now. But I will make sure I glue in my new teeth first !

And you look BEAUTIFUL by the way.

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Great to see you.....

And Ingrid, you look great also in your photos.... But make sure that you take one with Barney and your man, LOL...


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You look as sweet and beautiful as your words. I wish we had a "like" button!
Like like like

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I agree with Billie ! Been wishing for a like button !

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Thanks for the like button.

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Posts: 375
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That you would come through ! Lol Thanks for the "like Button " !

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Now I promise to wave and recognize you when you speed by in your car.


Great picture to go along with your great advice.



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actually seeing the face of a person I admire so much!

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