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It's been a long time

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It’s been 2 ½ years sense treatment and the mucus is worse how long does it last. My cancer Doctor said she don’t know any thing to try to control it I wake up in the morning choking I get up coughing and blowing my nose I guess it gets in my head,

Anybody know of any relief

I need some help. Robert

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I've had some sucess with Musinex D and others have suggested the use of the patches that go behind your ear for motion sickness, sorry can't remember the name.

Others will chime in.

good luck,


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D Lewis
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Hi Robert.  I'm just over 2 1/2 years out and still struggling with mucous and phlegm.  Saw the doctor last Monday, and he recommended I try running a 'cold mist' humidifier while I sleep.  The moisture is supposed to be helpful in clearing the mucous.


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out from surgery that removed my epiglottis, still being bugged by mucus, it's eased up a lot from the beginning of healing, but still drives me bananas some days....have you tried a suction machine, ginger ale seems to help me, gargling with warm salt water,saline nose drops...I use a moist air humidifier~~~I guess it's a side effect to deal with, hopefully one morning I'll awaken and it'll be gone...

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You might want to talk with your primary or a GI doc and just make sure you don't have reflux. Many people have it and don't even know it, I'm one of them. The only symptom that I ever had was a mucous type annoyance but I never knew it was reflux. I just thought I was always on the verge of a cold or something wrong in my throat. Once I started taking meds for it I noticed that the extra mucous was much better. Just a thought....

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