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White Blood Cell Count

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My Dad was dx with Anaplastic Astrocytoma 3 right before Christmas.  I flew to NY to be there for the biopsy and just came back from a second trip up for the completion of his radiation treatment.  It was a blessing that I was able to spend 11 days being with my Dad and talking about old times.  His long term memory seems to be enhanced!  While I was at the end of my visit  a weekly blood test  showed a low platelet count (34) and  he will not able to finish the last 7 days of Temodar until his #'s are back in a good range.  After a platelet transfusion, those numbers seem to be rising incrimentally but now his White Blood Cell count is down to 1.8.  The doctor wants my Mom to give him a shot for the next 5 days to boost his immunity but she is scared.  I sent her some youtube videos so she can familiarize herself with the procedure.  The doctors are having problems getting an "override" to get the drug approved by insurance. They have Medicare and United Healthcare.  They have been calling my Mom from the pharmacy and Dr. office all day and they are expecting snow tomorrow and not sure if she will be able to get this drug before the weekend.  Is this normal to have problems procuring a drug that is needed?  Are the insurance companies so heartless as to have the drug waiting on a shelf but delay it from doing the most good?  I feel helpless while she is trying to still wrap her head around this diagnosis and now having to also deal with medical beurocracy. 

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