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Had.third chemo

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Last Thursand still feeling bad. Poor appetite .sore mouth and tongue  and very little energy. I have marks in my legs that look like burns...omg...always something. Having loose bms also...it is Spain when you you take a pain pill and go to sleep...then you have to go. Hopefully tomorrow. Will be better. I am on Carbo/Taxatore ...I was told I need the big guns to kill the tumor's


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to hear you are going through so much.  I wish we could personally aim some big guns at cancer and shoot it's a** off.  Praying you will feel better soon and get the best results.



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I am so sorry that you are suffering so much.  I hope and pray that you feel better tomorrow too and I'm praying that your chemo cocktail kicks your cancer's butt!



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I hope you are feeling better today than yesterday, and a little bit better every day. Chemo sucks but it's fighting little nasties inside. Try to do something you enjoy to take your mind off the side effects - music you like, a TV program, popsicles, herbal tea.

Thinking about you and wishing you speedy recovery,


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