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levothyroxine and psa levels

greg from pa
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hi everyone   i am a two year survivor of scc.just had a routine physical that included screening for prostate cancer.  the psa nunbers came back very high  24 and 10 days later 41.  i have been on levothyroxine therapy  which has recently been increased.  this leads to my question has anyone experienced elevated psa levels due to levothyroxine (often used to replace thyroid hormones following radiation therapy)   thanks  greg

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Hello Greg,

I cannot address the PSA issues.  But can tell you from years of experience with thyroid medication, it is a battle to get on an even keel.  I have had CA125's done.....because we have ovarian cancer in the family.....and yes I was told hormones can and will throw these tests off.  I would assume a urologist that has dealt with both issues would be the best place to start.  Please keep us updated, and I'll be thinking only positives for you !   Katie  (synthroid use for 31 yrs.)

greg from pa
Posts: 86
Joined: Jun 2010

thanx for the advice and the kind words Katie.My primary care physician was sorta freakin out when she saw the numbers (shes a good person and she cares)  she got me an appoinment with a urologist tommarow.  best wishes to you

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Hi Greg,

I'm not on synthetic meds for thyroid, and my psa numbers have been low...

But I did want to give you a shout out that I hope you or someone is following up on your numbers...



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