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levothyroxine and psa levels

greg from pa
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hi everyone   i am a two year survivor of scc.just had a routine physical that included screening for prostate cancer.  the psa nunbers came back very high  24 and 10 days later 41.  i have been on levothyroxine therapy  which has recently been increased.  this leads to my question has anyone experienced elevated psa levels due to levothyroxine (often used to replace thyroid hormones following radiation therapy)   thanks  greg

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PSA is an acronym for prostate SPECIFIC antigen.  It is very specific.  None of the medications make this level go up.  Yours isn''t borderline, it is high.  You just need to go back to the  doctor and get the workup done.  I know this stuff is anxiety provoking.  But its time to hitch up your suspenders and follow the protocal.  wishing you the best.



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Greg, i just want to wish you the very best.  I will be praying that the high  numbers don't mean cancer.  Try to hang in there.

God bless

deb                     Cool

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Wishing you well but also wanting to tell you my husband had prostate cancer found very early though a PSA test. He opted for the robotic surgery, faithfully did the exercises afterwards and has been 100% great ever since.  

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