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Lump is still here, feels bigger

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Hey everyone! Things have not changed much at all since I last posted. My doctor thought my mass was nothing to worry about and that it'll go away. It supposedly shrunk from my last ultra sound on my last check up a month ago. Now it feels like it is harder and bigger? Is been three weeks since I last saw the doctor at the cancer center. I went to see my primary care doctor and she said its fine don't stress it's nothing to worry about. But when you have a mass that hurts in your lymph nodes its hard not to stress. I'm 25 I don't want to  keep dealing with this anymore. And the cancer doctor put me under the impression that I am fine and don't need a biopsy because it shrunk. Is that true? From what I've read masses can shrink and grow all the time? I don't know I am just stressed and don't want to pay anymore money running tests it just seems silly. Should I just flat out ask my doctor at the cancer center to just give me a biopsy so I have peace knowing its just an infection? I scheduled an appointment with maim Monday at 8:00am . I just need some guidance in knowing that I'm not over thinking it, and it is possible it could be a sort of cancer. It sounds so awful but at this point I'd be happy finally finding out it was so I can fight it and not be in the dark anymore :(

Thanks guys!
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Hi Manda,

 I think "peace of mind" is very important, so if you have insurance to cover a biopsy, then I would press my doctor to get it done and find out one way or the other whats going on with the swollen node. If he refuses, then you can always get a second opinion and go from there. Let us know what you decide to do. Keeping you in my prayers. Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10) age 62

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hey hun i would get a second opinion from another doc to find out whats wrong. What i learned going through this journey so far

is you need a doc you can trust and can count on to find out whats wrong and actually cares about his patient. If you have a swollen

lymph node then you do you need to get it checked out but your best bet would have to be getting a doc that you can

count on. Your in my thought and prayers good luck to you xxxx

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Dear Manda, I find out 2 months ago by accident an enlarged lymph node under my left arm pit, My Doctor did an X-ray right away then scheduled me to CT scan within 2 days. Not to get you scared, mine was painless and moveable and tender (So if you have pain in it, it may be infection only).

The CT scan showed an enlarged lymph node but they were not sure if it was infection or lymphoma. Then My DR scheduled me with surgeon the week after, The surgeon said since it been there for 2 weeks only he recommends that we should wait and watch for another 2 weeks as if it's infection it will go away by itself, or with using antibiotic. But my family DR said he does not want to give me any antibiotic and he likes  to do a biopsy as every day is count specially that he believes that the swollen lymph node indicate other than infection. So I got the biopsy surgery that week and it took them 14 days to get the result back as mine was NLPHL type cancer stage 3A, it was one of the rarest cancers out there. Yesterday was my 2nd chemo treatment. My oncologist optimistic that I will be 100% cured (with GOD will). Please Keep in mind that almost if not all lymphoma are curable and majority at 100% remission at earlier stage. Wish you well and hope it's nothing but clogged lymph or just infection. I add my vote to Celeste and Sue for getting another opinion. Good luck 


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Hi Manda,

It's more than peace of mind, it's ruling out as well, that makes getting the biopsy important. And second opions can help, as Sue advised, and finding a doc you really trust, as Celeste advised. And Bill is right, if it is lymphoma it's very treatable and curable. Getting the biopsy will give you relief no matter what the dx, as you can either know for certain it isn't cancer, or if it is, you can move on with treatment and cure. Not knowing for sure is the hardest.

Wishing you a cancer free biopsy, and sending positive thoughts your way.



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Liane is correct: Get the biopsy, and I would not wait.

I biopsy is relatively cheap; lives are priceless. I do not understand how some doctors are so willing to take chances with other peoples' lives.


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My opinion would be to have it checked out with another doctor from some other clinic or hospital.  What multiple opinions could conflict?  would that hurt you in the interim?  More than your doctor saying no to a removal, which may or may not be necessary.  If anything it may validate your doctors opinion or give you more options...

Been in remission over 20 years, okey so I also say that I'm just over 29, it's been longer than that.  It's your life, it's your choice.  Don't put blinders on, there are new developments all the time all over the world.  Okey, some doctors have different experiences....you may even find out it could be something totally controllable by medication?  Would that be completely different than having an invasive procedure that could remove part of your immune system?  Give it some thought...reading is good but look around also.

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