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Ensure/Boost for veteran survivors

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Here is some good information for veterans who supplement their diet with Ensure or Boost.  These items are available at the VA pharmacy.  In our area, the items are expensive at the drug store.  I now have it as a prescription item and can receive two cases (48) every 24 days with a minimum co-payment.

For your information, I prefer Boost over Ensure.

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Thank you for that piece of information. I will be looking into this, again thank you.


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Theere's a few vet's on here now that can probably use this info...



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I have been receiving my treatments at the VA hospital in Houston and they sent me Boost and as i am now in the middle of my treatment cycle find That I have to do it via the peg tube. But make sure that it gets rinsed out of the tube real well so that it doesnt clog the peg tube up.

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