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My personal breast cancer blog - The pink demolition derby.

Sun Whitey
Posts: 36
Joined: Jan 2013

When I had my mammo and was called back for the ultra sound, I searched everywhere for somebody's "detailed step-by-step" story because for some reason I wanted to "match" my feelings with theirs, crazy as it sounds.  Anyway...I started a blog in the event I was diagnosed with B.C.  I knew in my heart, that someday it might help somebody else.  I had my modified radical mastectomy last week, and chemo will start in 4-5 weeks.  I wanted to share my blog with anyone who cares to read it... and I hope it helps lends support for anyone who may need it.  For me, it helps me to vent and decompess.  A shout out to Megan S. for your continuous inspiration, as well as all the ladies on the pink bus!    All my love to you.    




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