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Targeted Therapy

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My husband has an appointment for targeted therapy at MD Anderson. Has anyone on the board done this, and if so what all does it involve? How long does it take? 



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My husband just finished his 28 days of oral Chemo and proton therapy radiation at MD Anderson....also has 5 Chemo intravenous sessions of Docetaxil.  His doctors are Guerrero for radiation and Ajani for Chemo, though we never saw him after first visit of 5 minutes...always his PA - Pamela Chien, a wonderful help.  The residual effects of the treatment are still fully present and they say will be so for another 2 + weeks.  He is T3N1M0 at the outset.....not sure current stage.  Will return in 6 weeks for PET scan, etc.  God bless.

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My husband had his inital treatment at another facility. We went to MD Anderson for a second opinion. We saw Dr Ajani as well. He prescribed a chemo regimen which we decided to go with. We will be going back in early April for scans. He wanted us to see a targeted therapy doctor as well.  I know it's not proton therapy. He had already had radiation previously. The office assistant mentioned that it may not be covered by insurance and you visit with the doctor and if you decide to proceed you meet with several others. 

My husband had residual effects for 3 weeks after his radiation. He was given high dose for 10 days versus the 28 day plan. He also had a radiation rash about four weeks after treatment....lasted two or three days and was gone.

We have to travel quite a distance. Disappointed to learn we probably won't see Dr Ajani. He is supposed to be the best in the EC field and is why we chose MD Anderson.




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I had the same protocol with Dr. Ajani.  5 1/2 weeks of combined Chemo and Proton Radiation.  Chemo was Xeloda Pills each day of radiation (5 days a week) and Doxatel chemo drip once a week on Mondays.  Finished Sept 2013 and Ivor Lewis by Hoffstetter Nov 14th.  8 day stay in hospital and kept feeding J-tube in until late January. 

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