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Met Prostate Cancer Survivor connection and advice PLEASE

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My Father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has been on hormone treatment but was recently advised to undergo chemo. 

I am trying to educate myself about the condition and give my dad as many options as possible. I would like my father to speak to someone in a similar situation, just to give him advice on the process and what they recommend. Please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards

Masego (daughter)

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Many survivors here may help you but you need to share more info on the status of your father. Can you tell us his age, how long has he been a cancer patient and what sort of treatments has he had and for how long. What type of prostate cancer and the Gleason score attributed to his case, etc. etc?

Why has he been recommended chemo. Did HT failed?

Do you have a chronology of PSA and Testosterone tests?

There are several drugs and protocols in hormonal therapies HT. Traditionally one first starts with a protocol and later is “moved up” to different drugs before starting chemo. However, some prime protocols include combinations of chemo plus hormones or radiation (from the start).

In any case let us know more details so that you get better advice.

Welcome to the board.


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there are face to face support groups available.

Two national groups are "Man to Man" and "US TOO" . Google with your location to determine one near you. Additonally there are others that you might find in your area.

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As Vgama said, need more information like


Greason scores?


And why Chemo???



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