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From Israel with love

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Last week flew by so fast. I am back home from Israel. It was glorious and a total sensory overload. Hot sun, turquoise sea, white sand, exotic trees, delicious food, smells of flowers and spices, bright colors, constant background of loud middle-eastern music, even louder overlapping conversations in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, French and a dozen other languages, warm and friendly people, well they are friendly until they get behind the wheel. Drivers are as crazy, women are as gorgeous, men are as willing and able, hashish is as readily available as I remember from when I lived there 20 years ago. I am not admitting to any misbehaving, but I could not wipe the smile off my face during the 12-hour-long flight home. Wink

We visited Baha'i temple and spectacular manicured gardens in Haifa (see photo below), took pictures by the lake Kinneret and Jordan River, saw biblical cities of Bethlehem and Nazareth, hang out in shawarma joints and coffee shops of Tel-Aviv and Bat-Yam. I sat for a few hours in the hot mineral springs of Hamat Gader near the Sea of Galilee and miraculously got rid of peripheral neuropathy in my foot. I swam in the Mediterranean Sea (great!) and the Dead Sea (salty and yucky) despite locals calling me a Canadian psycho polar bear - they do not enter water in winter. I got sunburnt and now shed skin something aweful.

We drove to Jerusalem and walked the Old City (Christian, Armenian and Jewish Quarters) with my mom (she is Jewish) and my mother-in-law (she is Armenian Christian Orthodox); and I asked them both to pray for the cure of all the women on the CSN ovarian board. We lit a candle at the The Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Golgotha - the site of burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We left a written prayer in the cracks of the Western (Wailing) Wall - the most sacred Jewish place. I am not a believer myself but secretly I hope it works. This world is too beautiful to leave without a good fight. 



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Well, I am a believer, and I thank you for thinking of me during your glorious vacation!  I appreciate the prayers for me and for all of us.

So glad you took this trip for your own happiness. You must teach me how to get rid of my cheeks!

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In real life - apply blush along the cheekbones to the temples, bronzer along the jaw line, suck the cheeks in and pout.

In Photoshop - play with Correct Camera Distortion till you look like Kate Moss.  

But seriously chubby cheeks are cute. Some women pay $500 a siringe of juviderm to look like us!


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trip, Alexandra.  Thank you for your prayers.  I must admit to having some belief issues but I keep trying.  I have had many prayers for my health from Catholic to Native Americans in a sweat lodge.  I appreciate all the prayers because I believe when good is sent out, good returns.



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Sounds like you had a fantastic time!  Thank you so much for praying for us during your lovely trip.  


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All of this is so wonderful!  Beautiful pictures and you sound great!  I am a great believer and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the prayers at both places.  May God hear your and grant all of us health and long life!  Best, Debrajo

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thanks for the prayers and for the beautiful picture. what kind of camera do you have?

I am a believer and i do believe he still heals today. God bless you all

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