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Instead of Continuing with BCG, I'm trying Protocel

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Over a year ago, I discovered blood in my urin and was subsequently diagnosed with Stage 1 bladder cancer. A fairly good-size tumor was taken out (it looked like a white coral) and I was then put on the BCG protocol, which I followed three different times.  In January of this year a biopsy for cancer was negative, but the doctor STILL insisted that I continue with the BCG treatments.

In December, 2012 I heard about an alternative cancer treatment (there are many), using a product called PROTOCEL. My sister's brother-in-law said he had stage IV lung cancer (large tumor) and the faithful use of Protocel shrunk the tumor down to scar tissue in two years, and now he is totally cancer-free. Based on this somewhat personal experience, I started taking Protocel just before the biopsy in January, and felt confident enough to say, "no" to further BCG.  

I have a meeting with my doctor this afternoon. I hope to convince him to do another biopsy of my bladder the end of April, and to see what the inside of my bladder looks like.

Has anyone else  tried PROTOCEL? If so, I'd sure like to hear your story! 



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At my appointment yesterday, I won't say my oncologist shouted at me but he became pretty red-in-the-face while insisting that I must get back in there and take the BCG treatment I missed in January. He said that notwithstanding the good biopsy result, without taking the BCG, I'm in danger of having the cancer spread throughout my body, because what I have is a deadly form of cancer. I thanked him and asked him if he would set up an appointment to have a look-see into my bladder near the end of April, to which he replied, "Yes!"  I hope I'm doing the right thing by giving the Protocel another month+ to work it's magic???

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Looking forward to hearing how the look-see into bladder goes at end of April.  Please Let us know how it goes.  Never heard of Protocel.  Best of luck to you. 

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