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Any news on your scans from the 1st?  Thinking of you and sending lots of love!

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Been wondering too!

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I thought you had forgotten about me long ago, LOL!

How nice to see this post today - thank you so much!  I appreciate yours and everyone's concern...this one is supposed to tell me something.

I'm due tomorrow for the onc consult...but I always manage to get my report prior to the visit, so I can study over it.  I usually already know the answer before I ever get to the parking lot:)   

And I did get my online and have been studying on it this morning....

And there is an area of concern that was an attention-getter...

"On the current study, there has developed some ill-defined low density in the superior right lateral aspect of the liver. On image 71 it measures 1.5 x 4.4 cm."

They called for a 'clinical correlation.'...which is simply a fancy phrase that says "we're not sure...talk to your doctor."

 LOL! Undecided

I can't find anything definitive from my studies this morning...

I've been clear in the liver for 5-years now...and clear in the lungs recently too...my worries as a long-term fighter/survivor are Brain Mets...I've been expecting to recur at some point, but figured it would be lungs again...or the brain.

Sometimes we can 'outlive' our cancers and these are some of the things that face some of us when we reach those stages of longevity. That's always on your mind.

Anyway, it's a noticeable mass and I'm going to need to consult with my onc to get the final ruling...so I don't know the answer yet...and therefore, can't tell you with certainty ‘yay or nay.’

Hopefully, the radiologist’s interpretation can be meted out when I meet with the onc.  It really sounds like they see something but just don’t know conclusively what is right or wrong – and therefore, are deferring the decision to my doctor.

 It was a lot more clear cut and concise on my last report…this one has a small degree of guesswork to it. 

What I think it might be is just the continual post surgical - post radiation "Re-Settling" of the liver itself.  One of the things that new folks don't consider and don't know to consider are the long-term ramifications to the body...even years after treatment has ended.

I'm not Einstein..."But with every action - there is an opposite - but equal reaction."

This is a topic that I would like to discuss at some point this year...it's very relevant...and a very real phenomenon.  . 

Just because the fight ends...doesn't mean our body doesn't continue to change from the effects and the fallouts of any surgery and/or treatment that we do. We continue to pay the bill everyday as the cost of Trading Tomorrow for Today. 

Unfortunately, Cancer is the gift that keeps on givin' - for the rest of our born days - one way or the other...

No worries here…I think I will be alright. 

It’s taken me 2 long years to recover from the last fight…I’m about to close out my dad’s life….and get our life back....and try and repurpose that.

Cancer just can’t be back…there’s nothing more to be gained by continuing to beat my brains out…I can provide nothing more to anyone by this tireless exercise.

I’ve fought my way back to whatever ‘norm’ is over the past couple of years and it’s been a long hard road back to get back to the starting gate…and a chance to star over anew. 

Right now, I feel like I’m poised to blow the door right off the hinges of this joint:)

8.9 years now…with #9 now within reach in June….

I meet with the onc late in the day Wednesday, so I’ll be sure to post the update on what the final say is the following day from work.

Besides, things have to be good…I’ve been planning a big post for Pete to think about…I’m gonna’ fry his wires with this one:)

A recurrence would spoil that story:)

3rd Time may indeed be "The Charm" - isn't that what they tell us?

Hopeful we can keep the 4th on the backburner for at least another scan cycle...

Thank you, Ella for opening this post and thanks everyone who has joined.  I’ll be okay…things are going to turn for me…all the way around…and even up and down:)

I’ll be in touch!





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Will be anxiously waiting to hear what the onc has to say. Please keep us posted. I too, think you will be fine.

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Well, we're just going to think possitive here, it's just scar tissue or some other little benign thing - that's all, no biggie. 

Fingers and toes crossed for a nice easy doctor's visit tomorrow, you'll be in my thoughts.

Take care my friend,


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well, I'm just going with "3rd time's the charm", and I've informed whoever is in charge of this joint, so that's that!  AA

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Will exhale on Thursday! Stay well, my friend.



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You may not see me but I sure do keep track of you my man!! Let's keep the "posivibes" going here and expect good news for tomorrow!



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I hope for your sake that it is a bit of residual damage. There is always some thickening and scarring somewhere to scare the living crap out of us.. I have just gone back onto methotrexate for my kidneys and arthritis. All of my tests are way out. My kidney doc has been worried about my breathing difficulties so he sent me for a heart scan and stress test. My heart is behaving like a v8 with a stuffed distibutor. I have numerous veb's (ventricular ectopic beats ) . They are not a worry if you get them once in a while but it appears every third or fourth beat is out of time. Life with and after cancer is never boring.
Good luck mate ,hoping for the best possible outcome... Ron.

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Craig, you know that I have had it in my liver 3 times which means 3 times my scans were positive for cancer but I also had 3 times in between those scans where something showed up on my liver that wasnt cancer. It took a follow up PET scan twice and an MRI once to confirm that. I think it is highly unlikely that what they saw is cancer.

You have been in my thoughts and prayers since Friday.

You have to be fine. You are such an inspiration to so many here including me.

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Praying for only good news for you!




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This just can't be cancer. It can't. Prayers and nerves for you until you get back here and tell us what is going on. Darn. Whatever the case, you will deal with it and go on because that's what you do! Thinking of you.


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