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Thyroid based Cancer Therapy

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I was looking at some latest research out of Israel, and one of the papers concluded that manipulating the thyroid function offers a potentially a new and novel approach in the treatment of cancer. Well I was also familiar with the work of DR. Jurkovic, and to hate to say it, but this is neither new or novel as this doctor had been treating cancer by thyroid manipulation for over 3 decades. Nevertheless the research provides an independent validation of his approach and I now intend to pursue this as a possible treatment and hopefully it may lead to a potential cure.

I already contacted two of Jurkovic's former patients. Both were terminal, both alive 12 and 14 years after cancer diagnosis and both cancer free. They both credit DR. Jurkovic with their cure. For a terminal cancer patient to make a full recovery is extremely rare and I found 2 without trying too hard.

The full story and more info on my blog: http://www.mcrc4.com/?p=1813

Any comments? Experiences?

FYI: Tony commented that a clinic in israel is also offering a thyroid based treatments, which is most encouraging.

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really interesting research, i might try this myself soon rather than later.

i am seeking an opinion from my doctors about this.



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