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No chemo today & in the hospital now =(

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Well, I wish I had better news....As most of you know Jason's chemo was scheduled to start today. He had the port put in Friday, then over the weekend he began to get nauseous & had quite a bit of pain. He wasn't able to eat or drink anything without it coming back up, he thought it was the antibiotic he was put on to prevent infection from the port, but I contacted the dr. & he said for him to stop taking it. He hurt all night last night, so I called the Onoclogist this morning & told them he was gonna have to reschedule the chemo until we found out what was going on with him. We went to the ER & he is now in the hospital. Oh, & while he was in the ER the nurse tried to access the port to take his blood & give him meds, but she was unable to, so much to his dismay he had to get an I.V. Now, we're in the hosptial....there was a good reason why the nurse couldn't access the port....It was put in upside down. Yes, it is flipped over, so now they are gonna have to go in & turn the thing over. And if that isn't enough, the dr. thinks that the reason Jason isn't able to keep anything down is the tumor has grown into the path (for lack of a better term?) of where the food goes into his stomach, so he is scheduled to have a CT scan done later tonight & if that's the case they will have to go in & "re-route" his small bowel (I think is what the dr. said) to make another route for the food to take so maybe he will be able to eat without feeling so full all the time. (or as the case is now, without being nauseous afterwards) The dr. is anxious to get the chemo started to start shrinking the tumor, but I have no idea now when that will be. I don't know if they will have to wait until he heals for 2 weeks the way they did when he had the exploratory surgery last month before they start the chemo....? I sure hope not. He is getting very antsy & impatient, & who can blame him. So anyway, that's all I know now. I'll keep you all updated as I get information. Please keep him in your prayers! (((hugs)))) to you all! Kris

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Oh Kris! I am so very sorry to hear about this set-back. Poor Jason! He has suffered so much already. 

What's this about the Port. Did the surgeon put it in wrong, or did it flip on its own? I would hate to think that the surgeon could be so negligent. 

Please let Jason know that prayer and support are all around him at this time. May he have a peaceful night, being able to keep food down. 

I can't express enough how sorry I am that he, even though a stranger to me, is suffering so. 

God bless!


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Not sure about the port....they said they do flip over like that sometimes, but I don't see how it could have done that since Friday, you know? I asked his Oncologist about that & he said he had never heard of his Dr. putting one in wrong. I can't imagine his dr. putting it in wrong either. He is an excellent surgeon, but everyone makes mistakes I guess. Regardless of how or why, it's in wrong & has to be fixed. They said it won't be a big deal, & they probably won't even have to cut him again, just flip it over. (Jason will be out though, thank goodness) Thank you for the prayers....please keep 'em coming! (((HUGS)))) Kris

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You guys are not catching a break. I'm sorry to hear this but hope that Jason is feeling much better soon. That is scary about the port...how does that happen?

Prayers for you both. Try to relax and rest a bit.

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Kris –


It is not too late to get another opinion from another colorectal surgeon.


I feel so bad that you both are going through all of this.


My best hopes for you both,



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dear kris,

it might be time to get extra assertive and demanding with the doctors, find whoever put the port in put upside down, ask them to bend over and give them the boot.

you are learning fast why trusting your care to the system is dangerous, i wish you had an easier path, but i hope you learn fast from these serious challenges.

my prayers for you both, use your energy wisely, its a precious commodity.

this suggestion for jason will be hard, but now more than ever, he needs to be cool and collected. getting antsy, not real helpful.

effectively dealing with his frustrations crucial in my mind regards to keeping his cortisol levels.

don't under estimate the power of love and friendship at this most challenging time, just my opinion. no clinical trials on this advice.

so lots of hugs, smiles and kisses. well thats what i liked when they were chopping me to pieces.



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You both are in my thoughts and prayers and hoping for the best outcome.  Hope he feels better and if they have to reroute, that is probably the best way to go.  It's a scary thought, but could bring him to feeling better.  What the heck with the port too.  Unbelieveable.


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I'll definitely keep him in my prayers. You, too!




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Thanks to all of you for caring & taking me under your wings. Smile I know how terrible the whole port thing sounds, & it IS terrible, but I have done my homework on the surgeon & the oncologist & they are both tops in their fields. The hospitalist (the dr. taking care of Jason in the hospital) said that sometimes the port does flip over like that, especially if the person moves around a lot, which Jason sure did a lot of over the weekend, so maybe that's what happened?....(I know, probably not, but maybe....Embarassed) Anyway, I just want to find out whether he is gonna have to have the surgery to have things "re-routed" so to speak. He drank the first of 4 cups of the contrast stuff at 10:00 pm, then has to drink 1 an hour before getting the CT Scan done. We probably won't know anything til in the morning though. I'm hoping we can both get some sleep tonight, but I don't really expect that to happen. Please keep us in your prayers.....(((HUGS)))) Kris

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Wow that is terrible that the port was put in wrong...it's bad enough having the surgery now having to go back. Pray they get all these setbacks fixed and he gets better. Jeff

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You and Jason will be in my thoughts. What a crazy thing with the port. Hoping this is just a small detour in your journey and wishing your guy a speedy recovery. I understand how frustrating the delay in treatment is.



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My port flipped and twisted right away.  The nurse wouldn't believe I was in severe pain, but the dr reviewed my CT scan, which was done the day my port was put in, and she discovered that it had flipped.  She said it was a very rare occurrence.  They kept me in the hospital overnight, and redid the port in the morning.


Wishing Jason good luck!

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please don't use the boot on the doctor, it could have been an accident and if he is your surgeon he might get seriously peaved.

and regarding cynthias comment below, well we got different opinions and not trusting the system, does not imply not having faith in your team.

you have to have faith in your oncologist and have surgeon if they are your primary care givers. but systemic problems happen frequently and being assertive and informed helpful for my survival from my experience.

my suggestions well intended, goodluck you are both simply in a very challenging spot.



ps hopefully the imagery did some good for a few of us. first time i heard about ports flipping in two half years here. we keep on learning new stuff day by day.

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I'm with Pete...you should have confidence in your team...but remember they are human. My husbands team missed all the signs of his blood clots...though we mentioned the calf pain to several nurses and i have several emails to the doc about how winded he has been. I know now that we have to push if we think something is not right.
I hope Jason is feeling better today!

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I think Pete's comment about you "learning fast why trusting your care to the system is dangerous" is both irresponsible and unnecessary ...

Don't worry about the port.  I have heard of this happening before the scar tissue forms around the device.

My husband has been treated for stage four cancer since July 2008 and we have learned that having faith and trust in your team ... After doing solid research to find your doctors ... Is essential.

Breathe and hold one another close.  You will get through this initial phase, treatment will begin, and you both will feel more in control.






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I hope this doesn't double post

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Sorry to hear this, but hang in there. At some point things will turn around...


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i am so truly sorry for this ordeal that you and your husband are going through.

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I'm so sorry Kris that you and Jason have to go through this.  I'll be praying for both of you.  Hugs....Cynthia

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I've heard from my nurse that does my disconnect that ports do move,  she has some patients she struggles with to access it as they've moved and turned sideways etc.  and she remarks often how my port is so easy and how it works so well.    So, for some people they just don't stay in place.    When I was first in hospital I had a complete blockage,   drinking the contrast was impossible,  I just threw it back up all night.   Nothing was going through  and I ended up on I.V. nutritional support for a month prior to me getting surgery.   My surgery was delayed because I had two blood clots in my lungs, so it was a risk to go in and do a major surgery.    Hope they can get your hubby feeling better soon.    

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so sorry things are hard right now!  The port issue actually isn't that uncommon...I've a few friends who had ports flip, break, or have other mishaps that had to be fixed.  They are mechanical devices, after all, and things can go wrong with those no matter how careful the placement might be.  How are things going today?  I hope better!  Big hugs to you both~Ann Alexandria

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Try not to get too discouraged. As bad as it all seems now, it can all turn around very quickly. Will be thinking about you guys.

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