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High CA125, mass found on left ovary and scared!

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I am 41 years old.  I had blood tests approximately three months ago, which revealed a CA125 of 33. I made an appointment with my gyno, who repeated the CA125 and now is at 127.  I had a vaginal ultrasound the following week, which revealed a cyst inside my left ovary.  A doppler was performed and no blood flow to the cyst was revealed.  I have an appointment with MD Anderson and am terrified.  Neither of my parents had cancer (father died of massive heart attack at 53, mother died of end-stage renal disease at 64).  
I have a history of endometriosis, with numerous laparoscopic surgeries to assist, as well as Lupron Depot treatments following. I gave birth to twins ten years ago.
I am terrified...absolutely terrified.
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Glad to be done
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Did you have your appointment yet?


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kimberly sue 63
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Take one day at a time. It is terrifying, but you cn't do anything until you get more information. Hang in there!! Kim

Mila A P
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Hello there.  I am 45 years old, and 3 days post op.  I had a complete hysterectomy this past Thursday.  Although, we are all different, and have different stories....some things are the same.  One of the things we have in common is, we all worry about the results of these tests (CA 125).  The bottom line is, there is nothing you can do until you have further testing done.  Back in January, I had a CA 125 test done. I was shocked by my numbers, 919.  I was so stressed out.  I was sent to a GYN/ONC.  We decided that the best course of action for me, given my history with severe endometriosis, was a complete hysterectomy. Before surgery, I was given another CA 125 test, this time the number was 121. What?  I had my surgery this past Thursday.  I did have a grapefruit size tumor on my left ovary, along with several fibroids, and of course endo.  The doctor feels confident, that I do not have cancer.  She sent the tumor away to a pathologist, of course.  I will get the results on Tuesday.  The bottom line is, many things can elevate the numbers of the CA 125, endo being one of them.  Do not stress.  (Easier said than done, I know) See your doctor, and run all tests that need to be run.  I wish you the best of luck.  I know it is scary.      

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I know it's easier said than done.  I just responded to Mila's post regarding endometriosis.  We've talked about it several times here, and it can definitely raise the CA125.

Keep us informed.  I'll be praying for a good outcome for you!




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Glad to be done
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Please let us know how you make out tomorrow....  Did she remove your omentum and some lymph nodes too?


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