Thank you for this website, it makes me feel like I am no longer alone.

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My grandfather is basically a father to me. Having both parents die, my mother reccently, dad and brother I am all alone. I am a young girl living here in the UK and have had to do so much growing up over the years and most reccently with my grandfathers brain cancer glioblastoma multiform right frontal lobe diagnosis.

Life is scary when you got no one else to talk to and none of the other kids my age has gone through what I have, they usually ignore me and don't really know what to say so now a days I just don't cry about things and keep strong about it and pray a lot to my mother who I know is guiding me through all of this.


I stubled accross this website by accident, I know that it is a U.S site but here in England no one is really providing me with answers or advice or guidance so as an act of desperation I joined this site.


I am trying not to let negative things I read on the internet consume me or worry me as I have read some really positive stories about people actually surviving a long time.


I know life would be monotonus without problems, therefore I am in the stage of crossing all the bridges when it comes to things and taking everyday as it comes.

I send my love and hugs to all of you and pray every night that things will all improve.


love lots missy x


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    you are not alone

    Dear Missy,

    you are definetly not alone!! My mum was diagnosed in december 2012, we were so down as the doctors told us that she needed palleative care! then me found the most amazind neurosurgean and she is doing fine, she has reacted so well to the radio and the chemo so good! 

    at the moment we are also in touch with DUKE university for trials for vaccines with the ADN.

    make sure your grandad has his tumour removed and keep positive throgh the treatment, there are suvivors! he must eat healthy, my mum has change her eating habits and is paying back, she looks so well, lots and lots of fruit and veg, no sugars, no process food, all freshly cook.

    plenty of water with fresh lemon.....

    let me know how you are doing.