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Too much Mucous??

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Too much Mucous??

My husband is in week 5 for radiation and this weekend was very bad nonstop coughing, MUCOUS and vomiting. He lost 5 pound over the weekend. Is that normal to have blood in your vomit?

What we can do to make this side effect easy on him?

Any suggestions please?




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I only had bleeding when I spit before treatment, I would suggest you contact his ENT or RAD doc ASAP if it contiues.

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Does your husband have a suction machine to help remove that mucus? We had one right from the beginning and it really helped. I know we had a little blood when he coughed real hard, but it wasn't a contiuous thing. If this is continuous, call the doctor. Be sure to see if you can get him one of these machines from the visiting nurse or or rent from a medical supply.

Hope you get some relief for him soon!


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Some people sleep with extra pillows or in the recliner to help with the mucus.  Some people have had help with a suction machine (I don't know where you would get one).  I haven't gotten sick from the stuff but it is uncomfortable.  Sometimes Rootbeer helps break up my mucus, but it isn't working this time.  Look on the superthread or go to archives, there have been many discussions on the topic.  I need to keep reminding myself that it will get better.  (I just finished my third fight with the beast, glue mucus for me right now).

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...I think it was Joe (Courtney) gave Musinex a try, and said he had good luck with it hitting the mucous....the pills are large, tho....so you might have to crush them or cut them up to get them down. 


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Whenever I hear Mucinex, I think of those green slimy dudes smokin' cigars, having a party in my chest. They do make a liquid version that would be easier to swallow.


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I used the "d" version and it helped considerably.

Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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Club soda is good to break up some of the gunk.

Scopolamine patch to dry it up.

My husband also took something to help the mucous move through his stomach quicker so it wasn't sitting there making him sick. Reglan? I think that was it.

Honestly, there isn't much you can do. I would mention the blood to one of his docs. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

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I used the liquid form and it did help me a bit. I also drank hot lemon water and other times coke worked also to help break up some of that junk. I did cough some up that was tinged with blood a few times. A little blood in our saliva looks like a lot more than it really is but you should still talk to the onc. In my case it was from my throat being so raw and coughing so hard.

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