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Update on dad's confussion

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Hi everyone,

Dad saw the oncologist Friday and he was pretty happy with the progress he is making.  The dr. thinks the confusion is coming from the fentenyal and the nausea meds.  This is being made even worse because of the horrible withdrawl.  He changed his nausea meds and wants to see him next week.  He also thinks the chemo is starting to work after two treatments.  Dad seemed mentally better Friday then he has for a long time. 

I might be wrong, but everything went downhill when we got the bad batch of pain patches.  That makes me so angry that the company can not be held accountable for this and that medicare would not let him get new ones until the time was up.

Thanks for all you help,



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Even under the best conditions, medications have side effects. At least half the outcomes attributed to the disease actually come from the treatments. And then everyone reacts differently. All that can be done is to be watchful about how the medications (and their timing) affect mood, cognition etc. And try to find the best schedule for all concerns. Rick.

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So happy to hear that your dad is on the right track. Being an advocate is not an easy job, being an advocate for someone close -- the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. You have done a great service to your father for following through and keeping at it. I hope that his journy is a bit easier to navigate now.

Good Job,..


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Hopefully he'll continue making positive progress and recovery...

Thoughts & Prayers ~ John

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Glad to hear he is better and responding to treatments.


Sorry about the meds, sometimes they hurt more than they help.


Better days,



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