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Taxoter & Cytoxan Second Round Today

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Today is my Second Treatment of Taxoter & Cytoxan!  Hopefully it goes the same as the First round.  I can handle it if it's the same and it helps now that I know what to expect.  I did lose my hair on Day 16 after First Treatment, it was coming out so bad that I just got a buzz hair cut.  My hairdresser was almost in tears so I tried to joke about it to keep her calm!  My mother blessed me with a pretty head!  The peach fuzz feels funnny!  I found these really cool scarfs on the internet called BeauBeau scarfs that are fitted to your head size and are pre-tied for you, all you have to do is put them on!  

I was up all night and only had two hours of sleep, I guess it is the Steriods!  Does anybody have ideas how to sleep?  What to take?

I just want to thank everybody for your support and tips!


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Good luck LittleBee

I just had my first session of Taxoter and Cytoxan yesterday. I had an allergic reaction to Taxoter after 10 min of its administration but was treated with medications and then everything went well for the rest of the session. 

Hope your second session goes well.



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Wishing you good luck LittleBee with round two.

Hugs, Debby

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Hi LittleBee,

I take ambien to help me sleep.  I am on the lowest dose and it helps me sleep for about 5 hours.  Maybe it can help you if you are allowed to take it while doing chemo.  I hope the rest of your chemo is as well tolerated as your first treatment.  Positive thoughts and hugs coming your way.


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My oncologist said it was okay to take one or two Benadryl to help make me sleepy.  Maybe that would help?  

Hope round two goes well!


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Megan M
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Sending good luck and lots of very gentle hugs!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I was given a couple of BeauBeau scarves by Double Whammy, and they are wonderful.  I treasure these because they were special to Suzanne.  You might also like headcovers.com...another great source for scarves.

I take Benedryl for sleep too.  And I can get a good 8 hours from a dose before bed.  Of course, you should ask your doc before taking anything.

Best wishes for round 2, LittleBee.



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for you dear Sister in PINK.  Please update us when possible.  Try and touch base with Oncologist or RN before leaving chemo infusion center.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Double Whammy
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I,too, had Taxotere and Cytoxin.  And yes, it's probably the steroids that keep you awake.  I was given Ativan to help with sleep and for breakthrough nausea if needed and it worked well for me.  I remember one night I was laying in bed wide awake wondering what to do and then I remembered the Ativan.  Next thing I knew, it was morning.  I didn't need it often, but when I did, they really worked. 

This chemo is not so bad, but remember it's cumulative so each cycle might be a little more yucky.  I had every side effect known and then some, so if you have something wierd, be sure to post.  Someone can relate.  All in all, it was a very tolerable treatment. 

Good luck.  

Oh, yes, I do love Beaubeaus.  Also Titillating Turbans.  Be sure and check them out. 



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Thinking of you little bee and sending positive thoughts!

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How are you LittleBee? 

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Kristin N
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 We sure would love to see an update from you.  Hoping you're ok.

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