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Bilateral Kidney Cancer

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I'm hoping somone has information or insight to post nephrectomy pain. My dad had surgery Nov. 26 They removed spleen and tumor in superior vena cava, so it was a pretty big surgery 6 hours. He is still complaining of pain along incision line like a tight feeling that is driving him crazy. Does anyone know how long until the post op pain goes away?

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Your dad is about 6 weeks ahead of me, my surgery was 1/10 but I am still having some pain along the incision also.  What I have read was 3 to 6 months for recovery so he is just past the 3 month point.  I know I aggravated things the other day when I carried in too many groceries so my pain and nausea came back.  My wife thinks I'm healing very slowly but I feel I am healing at the rate my body wants to with my complications of CHF and diabetes.

Healing takes time and I wish your dad the best of luck in the process


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Yes, it does take time... I had surgery 3-15-12, I still get some pain.. not bad though..  And I had invasion in to the Renal Vein...  And has he had a follow up scan yet..??

Be well..


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