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Buzz's daughter sang 'for him'

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Buzz's little girl sang a solo in church last week in his honor.  My CC friend was sent a link to the song on the church website by the music minister at Buzz's church.  Buzz was too ill to go to church that day but his music director said he visited later in the week and Buzz had been out of the house and seemed to be feeling a little better.   The church members all wore T-shirts that say 'It is what it is', in support of Buzz and his family that day.  

I just got to hear Zoie sing and she was awesome.  I know Buzz must be so proud of her. 


If you follow the link, you'll see several sermons and then MC Zoie  2/24/13 Mp3.  Fourth one from the top as of today. Click on the title then click to play. 



Since this is openly on the church webpage and on Facebook as a link, I felt this would be okay to let you enjoy.  

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Click here to hear Buzz's daughter sing...
when the page opens, click the Play Button

thanks for posting 

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Thanks. She is so young. may 

gos bless 

buzz and his  family.

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its nice to know whats happening with buzz and that his daughter must bring lots of happiness.



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Thanks for the info on "Buzz", miss him on this board.  Kim

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so much for the update and that wonderful song.i think of you often Buzz hang in there...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Thanks so much for posting this! Buzz is one of the most dear people, and this was a special tribute.




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A very special song sung by a very special girl. But then, we all know where she got that from, don't we?

Clift, we're holding onto that rope with you.



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I check randomly to see if I can find out about Buzz.  thank you so much for posting and letting us know how he is.  I am so happy that his daughter was able to do that and he was able to hear it.  He is such a supportive and caring man it is no wonder that his church family would be there for him.  Please keep us up to date as you can.  Sure miss hearing from him and seeing him on the board.


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