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Have you tried popcorn?

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I have read on several sites that popcorn in the evening post op seems to aid in acid reflux. The theory I found is that popcorn cooked in olive oil keeps the stomach busy through the night cutting back on the acid. Have you tried popcorn? Has it worked? Also how long after surgery did you start? Thanks

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I have found that popcorn is one of the evening snacks that I can have that does not seem to cause problems. I have also found a peeled apple cut into sections and eaten in the evening also seems to keep acid reflux at bay. I should add that since my surgery I also take a 20 mg omeprazole tablet each evening and each morning. I do have acid reflux from time to time and I have to say most of the time I can’t tie it to any particular food I have eaten. Sometimes it just happens. I have purchased an adjustable bed and that helps me to sleep in an elevated position and that also helps with potential acid reflux. If I do have reflux it is typically about 3 or 4 AM, I just get up take a couple Tums amd wait for it to pass. I must admit that I waited for about six months after surgery before I tried things like popcorn. I was very careful to follow the diet guidelines they gave me for the first few months post surgery.

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