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Now Cellulitis

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A week ago, the needle sliped and the Taxol dumped into the arm tissue rather than the vein. So I limpt home and treated my sore arm with an ice pack and some extra pain meds. Fast forward a week to my next visit. The PA looked shocked when she saw my arm.  "It's infected" Oh Good. Your neutraphils are in the tank also. So no chemo this week. Good? Bad?

Two shots of antibiotics in the butocks (one for the left and one for the right). Not bad since I did wear clean underware (I always do but saying so makes the story funny.) Home with a bottle of antibiotic capsules. A couple of days later, my arm may be getting better. Still iceing it a couple of times a day.

Whine: I have to grind or break up capsules 9 times daily. Add contents to apple sauce and get that down. Whine Over. I also have 10 other "normal" pills to grind up and two meds that come in liquid form. Just taking the meds is exhausting. I quess the whine is over now.

Hands pealing due to Erbibux. Use Verace? lotion and gloves. Actually typing wearing gloves right now, and an ice bag weighing down my left arm. Get the picture? Maybe I should take one.

Hope to be getting a little better. Let you know in a couple of days. Rick.

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I remember my mother saying "Always wear clean underwear when you go out in case you get in an accident". Funny how this crazy stuff sticks in our minds.

I'm there with you on the pills. Haven't had to crush any yet cause hubby still swallowing, but he asked me tonight why there were so many pills. Most I just cut in half, but some of the big honkin' ones are in fourths. That wasn't a whine you were doing, just an observation. LOL

Hope your arm gets better soon. Glad you've got the antibiotics now.



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Hi Rick,


Glad to hear they saved your arm (from more infection).  Is your pain quota filled yet?


I’ve traveled the Erbitux road from pimples everywhere, to cracked fingers to losing (one) big toenail.  Luckily my condition never itched much, it looked like it should, but did not.


Hang in there and feel better.



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at all if you'd gone commando!!............LOL

I gotta tell you, when you told about the chemo leaking into your arm last week, I wondered about everyone taking it so ho hum.....like it wasn't a HUGE deal (that was just my impression from what you wrote).  When that happened to my mom, the commotion in the infusion room impressed me for life.  I'm so sorry you have to suffer thru yet another painful thing happening. 


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I will continue to tell you what a strong amazing man you are !  I'm giggling at the clean underwear analogy as yeap I think we've all been told by our mother's about this one.  Never leaves us.  Cellulitis is very painful, so no way are you whining !  And typing with gloves on ?  I'm not sure I could do it !  Still praying and keeping those positive thoughts flowing Rick !    Katie 

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Ingrid K
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Oh my Rick....

Yet another strange thing that has happened only to you on this journey !!  Enough of that stuff already.  Glad they reacted when they saw your arm this week.....no one expects to go in for treatment and come home with yet another thing to worry about.

So, you get rid of that infection and get stronger !

and kudos to you for typing with gloves on....I couldn't do that and I was a secretary for many many years.

Hoping you are feeling much much better by now.

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If it weren't for bad luck, you'd have none at all....

Do they give you anything for the low blood counts like Neulasta..., that's what I had between each of the three cycles of chemo I had.

Matt..., between either the Cisplatin, Taxotere or 5FU (or all three), I lost all of my toe nails, including the big ones, LOL... ooohhh, but they did grow back.


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I honor your attitude.  You know, I was looking at the issue of extravasated Taxol and related products the other day.  In a way, you lucked out.  Many of the chemo agents have lots worse reactions when placed  outside the vein.  So in a sick way, this is a good thingLaughing


The erbitux is a PIA.  Gloves at night.  I ended up doing that for several months.  If your feet start splitting, PM me and I can tell you of a miracle treatment.  Mine were driving me nuts until I lucked onto a solution.  One that the oncologist wasn't even aware of.





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D Lewis
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Sending healing thoughts your way, Rick. One step at a time.


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jim and i
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Wow Rick you think they would have told you what signs of infections or side effects to look for. Happy you can keep your sense of humor through it all. Praying you heal quickly.


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Thank you for your kind comments. Never think of myself as having a "good attitude". But I try to find a funny side. It takes all day to just get thru the medical stuff. And next week, my caregiver has her medical overview/ mri/  endocrinologogist. She has had her pituitary gland mostly removed due to an adenoma. So her emotional responses are only "half there". She gets only half the hormones a normal person would to any stress.

And our dishwasher leakes! Rick.

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