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Diet After the Surgery

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I'm new to the board and would like to share our experience with EC. My father,64, is diagnosed with EC staged T3, N1, M0 in december 2012. He had a surgery a week after the diagnosis, on 21st of december. Normally they ask for a chemo and radio before the surgery as the tumor was 6cm but our doctor didnt suggest us to have neither chemo nor radiotheraphy. He is one of the best surgeons specialised in esophageal surgeries. 1/3 of his esophagus and a part of his stomach is removed. Pathology results after the surgery showed no cancer on the lymps, which made us back to T3, N0, M0 and post-surgery chemo was not required.

We stayed at the hospital for 13 days, first 7 days he was not allowed to eat, then we started giving him liquids then soft foods. We didnt use any drip-feed after the hospital, which im really happy about as being fed by glicose is not a good idea for a cancer patient. It has been 2 months and a week now and he lost only 3,5 kg which is like a miracle for an EC patient, his albumin levels are well restored, even better then pre-operation values and his blood tests are perfect, liver enzyms are all at good level. We all suffered from Thats why I wanted to share my dad's diet plan:

Generally it is based on Budwig and Alkali diet. As my dad also has Alzheimer's, we have started this sort of diet 1 month before EC diagnose. But after the operation, we re more strict on the diet. Basic rules are as follows:

No Sugar

No Wheat flour

No processed food, drink

All organic, natural 

No trans oils, no margarines, we only use olive, coconut, avocado and flax seed oil


He starts the day with a turmeric-cinnamon-blackpepper extract tea


Breakfast :


Eggs (Soft cooked-never overcooked- organic, free range straight from a farmer if possible)

Homemade cottage cheese/quark


Homemade bread (I mix Emmer/kavilca Flour (no gluten) with 1 egg and milk make a crepe kind of mix, sometimes I add sesame, grinded seeds, quinoa, millet.. )

1 tablespoon Coconut Oil + 1 tbs MCT oil (for Alzheimer's)


1-2 hours later

1 glass of green juice (spinach, broccoli, wild raddish, rocket, mallow, asparagus, parsley, dill whatever I have in dark green) mixed with

-a scoop of superdrink powder (including supergreens, prebiotics, digestive enzyms, mushrooms, berries, minerals),

-olive oil (3-4 tbs,i have to give him enough calories as he cant eat much- good organic and fresh olive oil is like mother milk),

-a liver support capsule (dandelion root, milk thistle extract, Red Clover Flowering Tops Extract ,Artichoke Leaf Extract )



Homemade yoghurt or kefir (I get raw unpastorised milk from the farmers and make my own kefir and Yoghurt- Yoghurt and Kefir is a really good source of probiotics plus cleans the toxic in the body as long as it is not pastorised)

Soup or a vegetable dish.. All organic..

Some homemade bread if he likes

1 tablespoon Coconut Oil + 1 tbs MCT oil (for Alzheimer's)


After lunch 

(I try to give as much as I can from the following list)


Almonds (during the soft food period, i was making almond milk, it helped a lot to restore his albumin levels as I didnt want to give him too much animal protein)

20-25 apricot kernels

1 organic apple

Yoghurt or kefir mixed with a desert spoon of cold pressed-refrigerated fresh flaxseed oil (i cant use it as described by the Budwig protocol because I cant have him eat that much with his smaller stomach plus he use plavix, blood thinner, as he has emboism problems limiting my daily intake of flax seed oil which also thins the blood. I plan to increase the amount to 1,5 tbs of flax-seed oil slowly by adjusting the amount of Plavix under the control of his cardiologist)


Dinner (one or 2 of below- meat and chicken-not more than twice a week) 



Chicken from the farmers (organic-fresh-healthy free range chicken-never from a market, I cant trust those even they re labeled as organic)

Meat (again organic, fresh)

A vegetable dish


Homemade Yoghurt

1 tablespoon Coconut Oil + 1 tbs MCT oil (for Alzheimer's)


After Dinner


Carrot-Beet root Juice (3/4 carrot, 1/4 Beetroot) with 3-4 tbs olive oil 

(Oils helped him a lot not to lose weight and his LHD levels are better then before. He used to take cholesterol pills but then we stopped it as we heard about the side effects. As long as you don't take sugar and bad oils, cholesterol is not oxidised and don't cause a problem)

a turmeric-cinnamon-blackpepper extract tea

Propolis before going to sleep


5-6 am, setting up the alarm, a teaspoon of mapple syrup-baking soda mix as it needs to be given when the body is starving. 


Thats what we have been doing since the surgery. I can't say this is a good diet or not but we re really happy with the results. Weight loss is a big problem for EC patients and we could overcome that not to feed him with sugar. Plus his blood counts shows that we done well with the nutrients. I know its not easy to find all organic fresh food but when you face with such a horrible disease with a high mortality rate, you find the energy to go to the end of the world to find a cure.


Plus he doesnt know that he has Alzheimer's and cancer. We told him that he will have an operation to remove a lesion on the esophagus but we never used the word cancer. We just said it needs to be removed not to cause a problem in the future. As for his memory problems, we told him that it is caused by the embolism in the brain. As using the 2 words would effect him really badly physcologically. We had to keep him positive. 


Please feel free to ask if u have any questions.


Best Regards,















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Sounds like you are doing all you can and although my diet is not quite like that I could really do better.  Thank you for sharing.

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