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pet scan right now

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I'm sitting in the hospital cafe waiting for my husbands pet scan to finish then on to chemo. This willl be #13...hold the oxi today since the neuropathy is getting bad. He was admitted on monday with blood clots...came home tues with lovenox shots and oxygen. So no avastin either. Hes only had 8 treatments with avastin. Saw the onc yesterday and she expects good results on the pet...hope so! Maybe surgery in april?? She was hoping pet scans would be ready for the 12:00 tumor board.

So im sitting here with my coffee and my kindle and this maintenance worker sits at the piano in the cafe and starts playing and its just beautiful...amazing talent. What a gift to share...


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I am praying for good results. I have had 3 clots. Always when I was in treatment. only one time I was doing Avastin. I have done more lovinox shots then I care to remember.

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I'm scanning today too...

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I knew you had a scan in March but didnt know it was today. I am praying for you now. I feel the results will be good. Too many people need you here including me.

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Thank you both and good luck Craig!

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Hope you get good results. I am still on Lovenox shots for a clot in upper arm from picc line. I have been doing them since last May. So frustrating. Good luck.
Sandy :)

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Wanting the best results for you husband. We all go through so much but a good pet scan reallcan a make our day. Pray it's all good.  Jeff

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I hope the results are good and the chemo goes smoothly.  AA

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