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lump in tumor site again...ugh !

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Hey everyone,

I've been having issues w/lymphedema non-stop for over a year.  I WILL NOT push the panic button on the new lump I found in my neck, as I recently had that biopsy in Dec., on this area.  Feels like a swollen lymph node, but hard again.  Dang it, does the fear of reoccurrance EVER disappear ?  It does hurt.  I go back in May for rechecks with the onc's.  Should I wait, and just say.....forget the fear ?  I know my primary would panic, so going in there is useless.  For the weekend....heading for MilleLac's, family and maybe some fishing.  Thanks for any input.   Katie    (lumpy friend from Mn...lol !)

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go now to see your ent. no reason at all to keep it in your thoughts, plus for me having anything reviewed that shows up with in the first five years is a must to have looked at. 

yes, the fear will get less over the years the more you experience wondering what is going on. will you ever have that fear disappear, no but the fear will be far less and thinking of it will last much less and hopefully you will not dwell on it. 

all this is part of the new normal experience thru the years of survivorship

it's not worth any risk to not have it looked at. 


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I believe that you will make yourself sick if you continually worry about the lymph node and don't have it checked out.  Is there really a good reason not to have it done?

All the best,


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Better to be safe than sorry ( think that's the saying).  I wouldn't wait until your next appointment.  You will worry yourself to death about it. 


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by the ENT....for your own peace of mind.  There is no way I'd be able to sit on the edge of my seat till May....can you really forget the fear...truly?  I know I'd be feeling the little bugger every 10 minutes for the next 3 months. 

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Ingrid K
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definitely get it checked out...call for an appt today if you can.  It will ease your mind, and it will hopefully be nothing to worry about.


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Hello again,

In my logical self I know I have to get my butt back in.  But in my I can't take another visit at the clinic self I'm saying Hell no.  Rediculous yes, but that's how I feel for today.  Monday I will call and talk with my ENT nurse or maybe even e-mail her today, and see what they tell me.  Thanks for the push again everyone.....but I'm still stomping my little foot and having a tantrum.  Katie

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As my mother used to say :)  Haven't thought of that in years :)

Please make the appt on Monday, and then we won't have to bug you any further! I get it.. I had a different cancer, but I put off 3 month check ups for 3 years, because I was afraid to go to the 5th year appt. So in going in year 7, I realized how stupid I was, how much more concerned I was, and how very releived I was. And hey relief of stress anyday is good. Try it this week :)



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Hi Katie,


Hey I found a lump on my neck, what do you recommend I do?


I hope to shout you tell me to get it checked.  The sooner you know the better you will feel when it turns out to be nothing.




PS  no lumps where found on Matt’s neck while posting this thread.

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