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I ducked, it missed

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Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and prayers.  John aka skiffin your post made me laugh out loud when I was waiting for my CT scan.  The person next to me saidso something funny?  And I said, oh a funny email from a friend.....and that's how I feel about you all.  After many tests, CT scan confirms 3 massive kidney stones.  I have never been so happy to hear such news.  They are 5mm and I will have surgery to crush or pulverize them hopefully soon before any complications......like severe pain ow.

Tim, thanks for putting us on your mirror.  That means a lot to me.  And to all the pockets we are in thanks.....it's warm and cozy there.


Mike, my hubby is going great.  Less pain meds and he ate a BANANA!!!!!  ANd then ate some avocado and a yogurt.  He normally pays for real food the nxt day so he is only adventurous ever. Other day.  We are gratefully a month out and every day is better with the occasional bad day thrown into the mix.

I am so grateful to you all.  Have a great day.  I am going to convince these stones to wait for surgery before they high tail it out.



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As much as I could feel your anxiety in your previous post, I can feel the relief in this post. So glad to hear it's not your worst fears but at the same time "OUCH"!  Hope they get to those things and get them out of you without too much discomfort. Awesome to hear your husband is doing better too! 


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Oh thank you for letting us know, I was so worried !  Stones, are a pain....zap those buggers good !  Also I know sometimes changing your diet up will help.  Ask at your next appointment what foods to avoid.  Thinking only good things for your family now !   Katie

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Ingrid K
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boy, it's bad to say Glad they were "only" kidney stones, but......could have been much much worse.

SO, let's hurry up and get those suckers zapped so that you can get on with things and feel better.

And tell Mike to keep up the good work eating....anything slippery is good to try.  Yogurt and chocolate pudding slide down pretty easy.

Hope you both feel better soon.


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funny how perspective changes, isn't it?  I was just reading night before last that now Dr.'s are rethinking women taking calcium supplements (after how many years of them darn near poking us in the chest saying we MUST take them to avoid osteoporosis?)....and why?  Because women are now suffering with kidney stones by the tens of thousands. 

My husbands exwife just had her's zapped last week....hope yours stay where they are till you can get them zapped into dust.


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LOL..., I know (not personally, but have been told), they are very painful.

Are they busting them up with ultrasound, or some other method,,,,?

Better than a sharp stick in the eye, and much better than cancer, but still a pain...

Prayers for great meds and fast recovery...


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Well if they were gall stones instead of kidney stones it would be funnier :) :)


Wonderful news!!


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You guys are too funny.  I am told by the urologist that if they try to move, then I could be vomiting and in severe pain.  I think he thought I was crazy bc I said, that's okay.  I w just so relieved that it was stones.....anything else was fine.

He is trying to get me on next Thursday OR schedule.  I will have ureterscopy which is no incisions...just fiber optic tools passed into kidney The uncomfortable way.  But I have had two kids and one broke my pelvis......so again, no big deal.  The tools they use are a laser to bust stones and a basket to retrieve what they can.  He did say, I may need a more invasive procedure if the stones are too big.  



Tim....I envy your firewood stock......ours is getting low.  Need to plan better for next year.  Also.....I miss Idaho....I lived in Boise for 3 years after college.....beautiful state.



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