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Let the healing begin!

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I have finished treatment!  I know I have a few weeks, but ready to let the healing begin.  This has been a long, hard road.  I am exhausted, but finally beginning to eat a bit.  I need to get my diabetes under control and learn to live with one eye.

Bev aka KTeacher, soon to be retired

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Such wonderful news! Everyone tells me I'm strong but you've got me beat by a long shot. God bless!

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I just finished 4 weeks ago so I know how you feel.  It took me about two weeks to start to feel better but just being done was such a blessing.  

Good luck to you, and remember YOU ARE DONE!


Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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Nice to have you back....

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It HAS been a long and hard treatment for you....but now that treatment is over you can rest...recoup...and enjoy some retirement!!  I have missed you, Bev.


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Welcome back!  Your post made my day a little brighter.


I hope your recovery is as good as it can be.





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We have all kept you tucked in our pockets and waiting to hear positives.  You are one strong lady !  Glad to have you back, and healing thoughts are sent your way !   Katie

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You had a tough fight and deserve this.....what great news...


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Way to go! What a wonderful feeling it must be knowing you got through treatment. Yes... let the healing begin indeed!


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you are an amazing woman and your strength is also something to envy.  All of us on this site have had our share of battles but you have had more than yours and come thru like a trooper.  You make us proud, God Bless you and your family

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D Lewis
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Lots and lots of healing thoughts coming your way.  You're a teacher, you can learn!   Keep on moving forward. xxxooo


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Oh wait..., you've been prospering...OK, live long.



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Your'e in my thoughts (and prayers) ...keep going and keep us posted ...really good to hear from you.



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Ingrid K
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Hi Bev

So glad your treatment is finally over....and you WON !!!

You are one strong, brave woman....so you've got this. 

You will learn to adjust.....and you will make one awesome PIRATE.




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