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Back to head and neck treatment

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David still has his hip replacement scheduled for March 7, bu after seeing the hematologist today we found out they are suspending treatment of his plasma cell leukemia so that they can go back and finish his head and neck cancer treatments. He has 19 radiation treatments and they will discuss whether to complete the chemotherapy (Cisplatin).  They are hoping to prove they cured the head and neck cancer so they can petition for the bone marrow transplant.  David is not really excited abothe recovering from hip replacement and radiation to the neck concurrently, but the doctor doesn't think we have enough time to wait.  Once his cancer is out of remission the board wouldn't approve for the BMT.  So we get ready for battle again.  Oh btw it looks like we will most likely lose the house. I haven't put that in my caring bridge page yet.  I know we are going to have to face that reality, but for now I don't want to overwhelm everyone. 

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to you two all i can share is prayers for strength, wisdom and understanding in huges bunches thru all that needs to happen in the months to come. 




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So glad to hear from you. Was wondering how things are going. Yes, the rads and the hip replacemnt will be tough at the same time, but I just know you guys can do this.

So sorry to hear that you will lose your home. I suspect this reality will also get us next year. Have lived in this place since 1968, but was dumb enough to refinance a few years ago when all the banks were dangling the carrot. I just look ahead one day at a time. It's all you can do.



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Sounds like you and David are making progress. God bless

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So glad that things are moving forward with David. You have already gone so many miles and done so well. Yes, it's a tough road, but you will get there. I'm sorry to hear about the house. I hope something comes up soon with your living arrangements.

You both are always in my prayers. Hang in there.  



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What does not defeat you, will make you stronger....

Stay positive, keep fighting, never give up...


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I'm glad you checked in, Vivian....we haven't seen you here much, but I do keep up on your Caringbridge site.  I feel for David going through the HNC treatment after already having gone through so much....but, it seems like this is how they'll "prove" he is cured of the HNC....

I know that losing the house is upsetting....but down the road, this may be a blessing in disguise....the stress of that always looming out there will be gone.


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and sending a lot of positive energy!! I don't post much but read your posts also on caring bridge... You're both in my prayers and thoughts! Let God be with both of you and helping you on your way to cure and recovery!

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Tell David he can do this !  He has proven himself such a strong man !  You are a little bundle of power and strenghth !  I know days seem endless, and the problems keep popping up.  But remember you're never ever alone in the walk.  Prayers will continue, and tons of love and positives being sent your direction !   Katie

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I am glad to hear David is still improving.  I send you prayers and lots of love.  David is one strong man. 



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