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Need a Pink Bus Ride *UPDATE*

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Tomorrow I go to my breast surgeon. I will have answers regarding the mammo I had 2 weeks ago.  Keeping fingers crossed.  I trust her with my whole being and I know she will tell me one way or the other if there is anything to be concerned about.  This is the first time I have someone coming with me ... my sister.   She is my best friend.

Thanks for coming along with me.  I love you all





Doc says the changes she sees are due to radiation.  PHEW!  She didn't see anything to be concerned about but did say follow ups for the next 3 years are in order.  I guess that's the norm even IF there are no changes from radiation.  Right?

My sister and I nearly cried tears of joy when the doc spoke.   OMG ... I've not been this nervous since this all started (August 2011).

Thank You Thank You Thank You Dear Sisters for always holding me up.

Love to you all ...


Pink Rose
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Good luck tomorrow Mary!  I will be saying a prayer for good results.

Hugs, Rose

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am rushing to still get to your appointment, so, just know that I am coming.  Sorry that I am late.  I went to lunch and shopping with my girlfriend today and got back late.

Wishing you the best news Mary.  You are so blessed to have your Sister to go with you.

Let us know how everything went.

Sue :)

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Of course, Mary I'll be there with you, like always.  I have a feeling that all will be well.

  I think taking your sister along will be good for you.  Then go out and have a celebration lunch!

Let us know,

Hugs to you,


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Do hope that you and your sister went out for a good lunch afterwards.  Smile





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Congrats on this good news!  Whew is right Mary!  Hate these scares!  Having your sis there with you made the good news all that much better.

You need to celebrate now!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'll be on that bus.  I hope the news is good.




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I'll be on the bus!  I have to bring my chemo pole and I don't want to see anybody dancin' with it!!  Just sayin!

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Praying that you get good news.



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Megan M
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Praying for good news!

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I wish you luck and good benign results.

I can't ride the bus because I am having a Lidocaine IV pain treatment tomorrow and will probably be out of it all day, but warm thoughts will still be with you!!

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Best of luck to you tomorrow Mary.  I am sending hugs and prayers your way!! I am glad your sister will be by your side.


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I am usually anxious about the follow up exam after the mammo~hoping that all is clear, and you hear great news~It's always reassuring to have someone with you that you trust. Glad you have your sister with you.


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prayers and positive thoughts for you dear Sister in PINK.


Vicki Sam

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Great, great news Mary!!  I am so happy all is well.  I hope you and your sister went out somewhere to celebrate your results.



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Really great news!

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So happy to read your good news.  Linda

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NED and we are happy dancing for your good news!

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Alexis F
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Thanks for the update and congrats!

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Is your Sister still here Mary?  I bet you are having a lot of fun with her and probably still celebrating your good news!

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Hi Mary  -- Came to check up on some of you and I was happy to read your update! It's hard not to worry when Doctors want to "see you" again about "something" they see. So so so happy that everything turned out OK for you. I pray this is the last scare you have to deal with. I go for my sono in april and already feeling nervous, but it comes with the territory, right? Go celebrate your great news! :) God bless you.

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I have tears of joy for you Mary!  Doing my happy dance around the CSN board for you!


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It is time to celebrate!  Very happy for you and very happy that your Sister got to be with you to hear the good news!



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