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KRASS stage 4 non wild

anna carroll
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does anyone else have the Krass non wild and if so are you getting treatment; mutation is G12D

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Hi Anna,

welcome to the ACS website. this link will take you to a website that explains why KRAS treatment has no targeted therapies as yet.  


This will take you to a list of clinical trials for the KRAS mutation.  The NIH website is a great source of info and you may want to book mark the site.  



Please stay in touch. 

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FYI Dr. Shaw's team at MGH in Boston recently found that adding selumetinib to chemo was helpful for KRAS.


I've heard her mention there is some progress on KRAS research, but I haven't seen it yet. 

Regarding KRAS-targeted treatments, KRAS is not as simple as EGFR or ALK or ROS1 because there are interations that can bypass merely blocking KRAS.  Instead researchers have to block multiple biochemical pathways (e.g., MEK + mTOR or something like that, and/or by using an HSP90 inhibitor that interferes with chapperone molecules that are involved in activating molecules that lead to misbehavior, e.g., ganetespib).  We will have to keep our eyes open for new news, probably coming out of the big June ASCO oncology conference.  BTW, some people in the UK have noticed that somehow knocking out GATA2 might stop some KRAS cancerous behavior, but GATA2 itself can't be blocked so they are trying to find ways to undercut by blocking the biochemical pathways that are under that.

Best hopes,

Craig in PA

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