CMet Inhibitor

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Dear all,

Does anyone of you heard of Cmet inhibitor? What are their side effects? 

My mum is Kras-mutant and can she use both Avastin and Erbitux (combine together)?

I searched the internet and there isn't much information about cmet inhibitor and it's side effects. As for combination of Avastin Erbitux, research stated it will worsen the case... is that true?

Hope to hear from you as I really want to know more about it.

Thanks a lot!




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    KRAS positive cancers do not
    KRAS positive cancers do not usually respond to EGFR antibodies like Erbitux, however the type of KRAS mutation plays a role. Usually g12 or g13 mutations are not treated with erbitux, others may benefit.

    avastin and erbitux in combination is not common. Usually Avastin is given as part of first line chemo, erbitux after disease progression on avastin.