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Maybe i'm worried for nothing?

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Hey everyone, i'm not actually sure what to say and have never posted on a forum about a subject like this. I know this a "survivors network" but i figure i would get a lot more helpful answers from on here. I've been searching for forums, and came across this one. Last year of this month February i found a lump on the left side of my breast which it appeared to be more in my breast bone. At one point a doctor found a small pea size lump in the same breast (left) by performing manual check, but ultrasounds showed nothing except my very first visit which was benign. Just last week i got a chest ct scan and this morning got my results of everything being normal. However, they said my breast tissue is normal (that's great) but the lump in my breast bone sometimes put pressure, but overall is painless. I'm confuse; is it that i may need a xray done on my chest? Is it possible it's bone cancer? Is it even possible at all for a lump to develop on my breast bone?  I'm 25 and have family history of cancer but not of breast cancer. Don't have anyone to talk to that i can at least relate to just a little bit.

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What I would do ... this is my own opinion -- seek the services (2nd opinion) of a Breast Cancer Specialist in your area.  Take your films, reports, scans anything you have from your previous doctor (if you do not have them, please get copies or original) -- .  Request a 3D mammogram. 

Continue to get answers until you are no longer concerned.  This is your BODY, HEALTH and with prior cancer history in your family -- seek answers.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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How about a core biospy guided by an ultra sound or scan on those lumps.  Your young and more than likely have dense breast and it can't be seen.

Don't let them offer a fine needle biopsy, to me they were always "shots in the dark".  I had a lump they could see and feel yet missed in my breast with a FNB and the same went to the tumor in the axilla and the results was inconclussive.  A lot of money spent for no results.  Do not take this method.

A core biopsy guided by an ultra sound on scan is best for you who might have dense breast.  Yournger women than 25  have died of breast cancer that has metastasize, so please don't let them use the old adage  "your young, you don't have it".  You want proof for peace of mind.

There are lot of explanations for lumps and not all are malignant.  However, you should have some proof.   Ultra sounds can miss too.  Ct scan I was told by a radiologist when I mentioned that I didn't have mammograms for the other breast.   I wanted to know if he could he see the only breast I had when the scan was for my lungs.  He said that he would see something and flag the breast for other tests.  Ct scan's I would say are not that reliable.  This was ot a talk for BC put on by a radiologist, surgeon and oncologist during October.  I went for a lark and learned a few things, so it was not a wasted night for me though it was geared for the first timers, not the oldies like me.  

So persue it with every ounce that you have and then if it isn't with biopsy proven or not, then you can go on from there.

Keep us updated!

My 3 cents worth,



PS:  VickiSam posted as I was writing and she gave excellent advise!

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First of all, you are not worrying for nothing.  You felt a lump in your breast.  I'm 10 years older than you -- so again in that window of "not supposed to get breast cancer" -- and this is how I found my cancer.

Second, it may NOT be breast cancer.  It may be any number of other things.  But, if there is a lump, a biopsy will tell you for certain what it is.  My breast cancer felt like a lump, which ended up being a fluke.  I had a type of cancer that normally does not present that way (invasive lobular carcinoma) and is notorious for not showing up on mammograms.  It was the biopsy that let everyone know that I had the disease (even after the radiologist who did that biopsy went on and on and on about it being nothing -- he was wrong).  And, my cancer was flush up against my chest wall, so it felt very close to my bone.

Third, the fact that you're posting here after you had tests conducted means that something is not sitting right with you.  You don't believe that you have received a definitive answer about what you felt, and you're not comfortable with the existing plan for your health.  That signals to me -- as to the other posters -- that it's time to get a second opinion.  Round up those films and test results and see someone else.  You may not even have to go far or to someone you have never seen before.  If my ob/gyn would not have ordered my tests, I would have headed straight to my internist to get her to write a prescription for them.  

Hopefully, you don't have breast cancer or any other type of cancer.  But, there is an important life lesson here.  You have to take control of your health and be a strong advocate for yourself.  If you think your body is trying to tell you something, feel free to challenge those who say that it is not.  

Good luck!

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Alexis F
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I would suggest getting a MRI first. Whenever I had anything suspicisious, besides the mammo and ultrasound, they did a MRI.  That should show a better picture, perhaps, of what is going on.  They might want to even do a PET scan, as, cancer normally lights up if it is there.

Also, look into a core needle biopsy.  Then, they could take a sample and see if it is cancer or not.

Good luck and keep us updated.



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By chance is it same side you have had surgery? only reason I ask I had mammos which came back GOOD and ultra sounds with issues...i had biopsy and surgery and it was scar tissue.



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Hi Diamondprize,  I'm glad you came here to ask.  There are lots of people with LOTS of great advice and esperience.

Just to be sure are you calling the bone between your breasts (the sternum) your breast bone?

That is where my cancer was, in my sternum.  It was however a recurrence of breast cancer.  It showed up on a PET scan, I'm not sure it would show up on a CT Scan or X-ray.  I just don't know.  I know cancer in my shoulder and arm bones DO show up on x-rays.  Cancer in your sternum would cause it to be mis-shaped but I will say it was VERY PAINFUL!  It hurt to sneeze, cough, breathe too deeply and it kept geting worse! 

Still it would be best to catch it BEFORE it got that painful if that's what it is, and you  will feel SO MUCH better once you know for sure that they have really heard you and looked at it. 

Maybe someone on here knows if bone lesions show up on CT scans

Keep us posted OK!  We are all seriously praying that you are worried for NO REASON :)


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