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The Wedding...Photos

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Thought I'd share a few photos from my trip to Northern San Francisco for my son's wedding. The event was north of San Francisco in a beautiful coastal area. The venue was at an old launch for hire boat house, very rustic, totally beautifully decorated....(I know as I got there two days early to help, LOL)...

Launch for Hire

Launch for Hire

Dinner Seating Inside


Table of Portraits



Portrait for Dad


Blackbirds ~


Bay Resort Area


Point Reyes


My son did mini-portraits of all that responded RSVP, and had them at the dinner/seating. Something like 85 in total..., a lot of work. They were also given as rememberance to the occasion.

Oh, almost forgot the near main event, LOL... me in a suit;



Best ~ John


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Your son is very talent.  Picture looks like you and don't you look great.



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I take it that you in a suit is quite an occasion!!  You dress up good...Laughing

What a lovely place, and the wedding looks so unique....I LOVE the idea of the protraits, what a wonderful way to remember the day. 



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Great looking son there John, and daughter-in-law as well.  That's some beautiful scenery too!!  Then there you are in your suite (2 x a year, right?) :)




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What a special occasion and beautiful setting. Moments like those make life worth fighting for.

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You gotta love the water (like father like son).


Very nice, happy times.



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Beautiful photos John! Thanks for sharing this with us. And hey.....you clean up nice...LOL. Use to seeing you in a boat holding a fish!!! Laughing 

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Looks like a great time and what creative ideas.
You look fabulous in your big boy clothes too :-)
Thanks so much for sharing.

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What a romantic setting!! You look great, all dressed up and the gift of another child in your life. She got a great father-in-law in the deal!

I love the drawings.. they and the table settings.. gorgeous!



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wow, your Son is very talented..the portraits are amazing, what a great rememberance. Everything looks beautiful except you~~~you're a sharp dressed man!

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Being on/near the water is in our blood, LOL... my son for sure, his grandfather was a shrimper owning and operating a 78' steel hull in the Gulf. Me, I'm not sure where I get it from growing up in Central Ohio, LOL... but even as a kid I was always fishing in a lake, pond river or stream...

As for the suit..., LOL twice a year... that makes me laugh.

I am definitely not a suit guy.....

Believe it of not, I went to Catholic School for several years as a kid.... The tie came off as soon as class was out, and usually wadded up an stuck in my pocket for the walk home.

That table in the photo...there was three of them, about 30 place settings at each table...huge old rustic building filled with tons of maritime items...I was exploring when the kids weren't rounding me back up to help with the hanging lighting, telescope for moon gazing later that night, and putting together the many other areas for the wedding.

Best ~ JG


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Being a child of water myself, these pictures brought a huge smile to my heart !  Your son and daughter-in-law had a beautiful wedding.  Boy I'm with you...I'd waunder off to explore the sights too !  Wonderful pictures !  And yeah guy you clean up pretty darn good !   Katie

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Beautiful pictures and fabulous ideas.

Thanks for sharing


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What happened? The yellow unit used to sell wonderful whole wheat crust pizza! Great area and good weather. That bay gets heavy fog much of the year but this time of year really clear and crisp. Glad you enjoyed your visit. don

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Didn't hook up on any pizza....

But the Pine Cone Diner in St. Reyes had some great breakfast... I was partial to one that was just called the Breakfast Sandwhich. Two eggs, bacon, tomato and a few goodies on toasted whole wheat, side of hash browns...

Weather was awesome, definitely ummm cold and crisp compared to Central Florida... mid 50's during the day and low 40's at night. Hardly any fog, though I have seen a lot of fog in SF on other visits.. This was a perfect four days that I was there.

Thanks for the congrats..., hope you are doing well.


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I always wanted to see pictures of how the wealthy were wed! LOL.  What a great location.  I am going to show these pics to my daughter so she gets an idea of how beautiful and offsite wedding can be.  Were the framed pictures drawn by hand by your son?  That was a remarkable resemblance of you for sure.




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Yep, all by hand, then they framed all of them....bronze antiqued frames and glass.

He's a chip off of the old block of wood for sure...., and apparently doing quite well for himself..., LOL.

The young lady they had for their wedding planner did an outstanding job, everything flowed wonderfully and with no apprarent hitches.


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and beautiful wedding, congrats to you and your family on the good times.

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Isn't it nice to celebrate something as great as the beginning of a new union.  I wish them all my best.  


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nice very nice.... thanks for sharing you special times with us


btw, love the hand grip with the suit, looks like your holding your fishing pole, real and line. 



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LOL, actually that is my iPhone I took the photo in the mirror..

So now you must ponder... Is the image of me in the photo a reverse image, or as you would normally see me...

Hmmmm, I guess there is one thing in the image that will give the clue away....can you guess...?


Kent Cass
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Not hanging around these parts as often as I used-to...a belated Congratulations for you and your family. Hmmm...now was fighting the C worth it? Perfect example of why we fight the fight- to live to see moments/events in life like you and your wife did. 

Your above talk about life on the water got me to thinking. Look out my north window for the past 16+-years, I see three riverboats and the Mississippi River, but I've never actually been on the river in a boat. My house is actually about 1 1/2-blocks from the river with unobstructed view. You were from Ohio, you say. Well, I grew-up not far from the Illinois River in Putnam, Il., and Grandpa and I would go out on his boat once/summer for a day of fishing on the Illinois- launching from Hennepin, Il. Problem is- seems the only thing I caught was Carp. Years later caught Bluegill and Bullhead in local creeks made toxic by farm field chemical run-off, and did catch one Catfish, but maybe it was the Carp thing on the Illinois that turned me off fishing. 

Also of note- the QCA has a bass contest every year on Old Muddy where bassmen come from all over the country, and a couple of the brass from where I work partake each year. FYI.


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The fight was always worth it to me, I never thought otherwise... You know me, I'm going kicking and screaming, LOL.

Carp you say..., LOL... yes we use to catch those as a kid at the local lakes. About the best I caught as a kid were many blue gill, channel cats, a few bass (large mouth and small mouth), perch, northern pike, bull head yellow cats, and once or twice a few muskie...

Florida has a ton more fish available to me...

Fishing ot course is a passion, but just being on the water is awesome.

I don't think I could handle being on the water day and night 24/7... I do tend to get sea sick, mainly dosed up equilibrium at time if it's rough. Not usuallu enough to mess with fishing, but that dizzy feeling for a few hours after being in rough water all day.

But I love the quiet and back to nature early in the morning, just a hint of mist that encloses you in your own small world...hard to describe it unless you've been there.

Best Always...

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For sharing. The photos were almost as good as being part of the festivities. We always need good news. Rick.

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I would say it's a reverse picture, your wedding ring gave it away~~~

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That's what I referenced...

Grandmax4's picture
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I actually took a picture in a mirror before posting my answer :)

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Nice John – evidently there’s lots of talent in the family!  Looks like a good time!



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Great news my friend congratulations on getting a new Daughter in-law; I will be getting grandchild #6 in June. And yes I do a good job of spoiling them.


That’s my job and I am sticking too it!


God Bless



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