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Anyone heard from Vinny?

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Joined: Aug 2011

I haven't seen posts from Vinny or Beth (dixiegirl) in awhile.  I emailed both and heard back from Beth but not Vinny.  I don't think he's posted in quite awhile. 

Thanks - Jim

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Joined: May 2010

Vinny??? Vinny who??? Just kidding. I haven't seen anything from him in quite a while either. I have noticed when he does post it is early in the morning. Guessing its before he goes to work.  I believe he is back to working all day though. I am sure he is quite tired. It is so hard to get back to 100% after this crap. Haven't heard anything from Beth either. I do wonder how she is doing as well. John

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Hi guys,

 I like to think that when Vinny doesn't post it means he is feeling great and living life to the fullest! He really has been an inspiration to me and I always remember him saying.."take things one day at a time"! I'll never forget how sick he was back in 2010 while trying to get his blood counts to stabilize! With that being said...hope he checks in soon. His peeps miss him! Sue Smile

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Yea, I remember when his blood counts were 0 (zero) back in 2010 and he would still get up and go to work. I am sure he is doing fine and enjoying life to its fullest. Sure can't blame him for that. Probably thinking about that garden this year.  John

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Hey Beth,

 Hope all is going well with you too! Hope to hear from you soon!

Much love...Sue  (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hello to Vinny and Beth,

Hope that both of you are doing really well and enjoying life! Hugs to both of you!

Take care



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Hi Vinny and Beth


Just wanted to say I miss hearing from you. I am so hopeful that you both are well and busy and happy.

I think of you often and miss your positive spirits.


Huge hugs to you both


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