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Best Juicing Recipes/Ingredients

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My mom is newly diagnosed with EC, stage 2.  She is not a candidate for surgery.  She is currently undergoing chemo/radiation. 

I am looking for any insights regarding the best juicing recipes to help combat this.  These seem to be the common suggestions I have found, but I would like more opinions:


Any additional fruits, vegetables or ingredients would be great.  If you have some great-tasting combos as well...

Thank you!

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grow it if you can't buy it.  it's worth multiple times most other veg ... not the nicest though - mix it with carrot and a little sliver of lemon...

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I remember hearing that Curry is known to help esophageal cancer.  Well below is what I found when I googled it.

Rearchers in Ireland and Poland have published a study in the British Journal of Cancer (October 6, 2009) that says a chemical found in turmeric kills the esophageal cancer cells.

Read more at Suite101: Curry Kills Cancer Cells | Suite101 http://suite101.com/article/curry-kills-cancer-cells-a164617#ixzz2MG4fNZ3E
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They've been telling my father he's not a canidate for surgery too. Wondering the reason why for your mother. My father is because of nutrition(they removed J-tube because of infection/abcess).

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For my mother, her liver isn't completely healthy.  I forget the exact test they did, but the surgery for her would be too risky.

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I use whatever fruit I have on hand, splash of almond milk, a handful of spinach and a heaping spoonful of protein. His favorites are banana/kiwi and cherry blend (strawberries, raspberries, black raspberries and cherries)  Other fruits I thow in are: blood oranges, mangoes, peaches. Any greens can be used. Always taste before handing it over. The fruit should disguise the vegetable taste

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