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Brenda Bricco
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So the scan report mentioned a area of concern... with a rising CEA (46) I guess I have resolved that it is a reoccurance.

I asked for the scan report so that I could get it to our team in Madison today still. I got home, scanned the report and sent it to the surgeons assistant and waited to hear what everyone had to say. They replied alright... they informed me that this was a report from last year that was clear. THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG REPORT and I was stupid enough to not check it before I sent it. If that was the only thing that group had done today then fine but during the appt they took blood, sent him to the waiting area and someone else came to get him to take more blood! I told them that they just did and they argued with me, the PA had to walk out and tell them that they did the blood draw already. They wanted to order a PET scan and said that we should wait because they would have our appt in a moment. After 20 minutes of watching them unplug their computers, plug them back in, restart them and listening to them attempt to schedule the PET scan I needed to get out of there. I asked them to give us the food instructions and call us with the appt. time; discovering I had wasted the time of some very busy people in Madison just about sent me over. It was after office hours but I did reach their after hours people and had them leave a message that I expected Madison to have the images and report tomorrow by the end of the day. I know what you are thinking - don't waste time on being ticked off, I have settled down now. So, the word for word from the report that I posted earlier was from last year, not the most recent scan. UGH I will go back and see if I can edit it. Madison doesn't want him to have a PET scan here, they want us to come and let them take care of everything there. I have to say that I would prefer that and am much more comfortable now that I have been in contact with them.

Sorry for babbling... I was just a stewing with all of this so maybe getting it out will help me sleep.

I wish miracles for us all.

GOD bless.



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I passed frustrated a long time ago, so I have a very short fuse now, whether it is wasting energy or not, it's how I've become. You can only handle so much stupidity at one time.

I can no longer count the stupid mistakes that have been made with my husband's case. No one "listens" and even fewer care. My mantra has become "The life YOU save may be YOUR OWN or YOUR LOVED ONE'S".

For those of you who have the perfect team, I salute you.

You go, girl!



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Gosh, Gal…. What happened to your sense of humor? Those people were just playin’ with ya’!


Back in 2011, I laid in the ICU and had an oncologist (female) come in, sit on my bed, and tell me how I have cancer throughout my body and absolutely need to start chemo immediately.


It was a shock, since I went in for an obstruction and no-one had mentioned anything about a recurrence of cancer…. As she read more from “the latest report”, it started to sound more and more familiar.


So I asked her if she could give me the date of the report she was reading…. Ya-huh. 2006.


Stupid begets stupid; probably in her DNA, ehh? Long line of morons? Family shield made out of tin foil?


You have to learn to cope, my dear! (haha..snort)


Better days are coming!



Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

I'm better... I think I needed some sleep. lol

John, Your story made me giggle imagining how stupid that onc must have felt at that moment.

I agree that no one has a perfect team but the gross display of incompetance yesterday really tried me. It doesn't help that there were plates and bowls of food laying around that were obviously old (from lunch I suppose) and it reeked of strong smelling foods. I just think that they should be doing their eating in a break room for the sake of those that are there for their infusions. I know if I am nauseous I can't stand the smell of anything.

I have the reputation of never letting anything get to me but I think I am turning over a new leaf, I just want the best for Dennis.

I hope every one is having a great day. Tongue Out

GOD's blessings,


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You have every right to be upset.

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are having to deal with these mistakes but what i have learned thru my experiance you have to be your own advocate.you listen and be sure to check and double check.my latest mess up was in scheduling my appt with chemo onc.i had an appt on april 22 which needed to be moved up two weeks from now.they handed me the new appt paper and it still said april i handed it back to the lady and said i am supposed to see my onc in two weeks and she replied why did it print out april? so they quickly changed it to march 11.you just have to learn to double check everything.i know it is frustrating but i have learned its just part of this journey and more we all have to deal with.i dont think there is a perfect team out there,nobody is perfect.all my best to Dennis....Godbless....Johnnybegood

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I was so frustrated with the oncologist they gave me that I fired him!!!  My wife said you cannot do that,  so I replied just watch.  I came up with three other oncs at my hospital and asked my surgeon to give me a referral to one of them. She is a real gem! I've been with her for almost three years.

Currently NED I only see her every six months now.   Hope things improve for you.  Good Luck

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