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tumor in my head

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Not sure WHAT is happening.  I go to see a Neurologist, because a tumor was found (by accident) in my head.  My regular doc said it may be a "burnt out" tumor.  I don't know what to think of this.

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Good luck,

you can get through this.  Breathe.  Take someone with you when you go to your dr appointments so you can have two sets of ears hearing what the docs say.

Read through the site, go to the chat, you will find much information that is helpful and supportive. 


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Brain tumor does not always mean cancer....talk to the doctor and understand what the exact problem is...I am sure you can  get through this...just calm down and stay strong...good luck


missy 1994
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It is always super scary when the doctor finds things like this, when I was told my grandaddy had a tumor it was all so overwhelming. Tumor does not always mean cancer, you have to remain positive and cross the bridges when it comes to these things and take everyday as it comes and know that your doctor is doing futher investigations for you in order to double check. x

caroline scott
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Sorry to hear about this. I know it would not be easy for you to accept about your condition.  However, still be strong and be hopeful that everything will be alright. Continue life as it is, though you have to follow some instructions from your doctor and definitely will undergo certain medications. One thing more, don't forget about the benefits of Midlife Execises.

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I had the exact same thing happen 3yrs ago. I went for a CT of my left cheek and jaw. And the nxt day my Dr was arranging and urgent app.wth a neurosurgeon because they found a.brain tumor. All he could say was it doesn't look cancerous. That was on a Fri so more test were set up.for the nxt wk and I went home and cried all weekend. So I really do know how you feel . It took another week to get results and I couldn't have.a biopsy as the tumor is in a very awkward place . It was decided it was benign and it has not grown(I have regular MRIs to check its size) and I don't have any I'll effects at this point.
So as scary as it seems right now things may turn out ok.
It's been a few wks since your post so by now you probably know much more. And might not be so anxious.

Good luck and take care

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