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I actually got to do chemo today.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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My WBC was a whopping 2!  Onc said go ahead with chemo because I'll be doing the neupogin thing...did decadron with this chemo so my energy is pretty good now.



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Wahoo a 2! I used to love my decadron as it was the only time i did anything or ate! Sad, but true. Glad you are getting the meds you need to treat the beast. but really hate you need it.



P.S. why am I considered  "new" have been here since 2009???????????????????????????

New Flower
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Hi Linda,

 I hope your Neupron shot will help boosting from 2 †o higher number. Please take care of yourself, despite steroid ush


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I am doing cartwheels tonight!!! Wahoo!!!  I am sorry that you need chemo, but I am so glad you are able to get it.  Hope you keep feeling well.  Big (((hugs)))!!!

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I hope the neupogin will bring your WBC up and up and up.  Thinking of you,



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It's a start ... I pray that your numbers improve along with your health.  

Keep smiling Missy ... we love you here on this board.  




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I'm glad you got to do your chemo, I'm thinking of you sending you positive thoughts!


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I don't fully understand all these codes and numbers but from what I'm reading is a good thing and that we want higher numbers.

As sick as this sounds, congrats on the chemo.  May all your treatments be on the positive side and that you kick this in the arse!



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Kiss Happy to hear that your WBC are on the move upwards.  Continued Strength and Health for you dear Linda.


Vicki Sam

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