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I was wondering if before you got diagnosed with ovarion cancer did your symptoms come and go or were they pretty consistent?

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my symptom was extreme Charlie-horse type pain when I used the toilet.  It started with just bowel movements, but over the course of the eight weeks it took for diagnosis, the pain also happened with urination. That was severe pain, but by the time I was diagnosed there was a general discomfort all the time.

But if you read this board much, you will discover we are all very different.  Some women have had huge trouble with as cites.  I've never had it.  Don't drive yourself crazy trying to diagnose yourself before your testing.  I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and hoping only for the best!

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Mine were off and on....come and go then I would think it was just passing bug then BAM back again. Time frame over several months

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I experienced off and on again pelvic pain for several months, nothing severe - more annoying which I assumed was menstral cramps or my uterine fibroids or irritable bowel syndrome.  What finally got me to the doctor was increasing abdominal bloating.  Wishing you the best.


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