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On our way

Brenda Bricco
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Dennis' appointment is at 1:20 pm CST to get results of scan. Please pray for good things for him.

Bless you GOD for carrying us!


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I’m not a religious kind of guy……


But several weeks ago I said a prayer for a neighbor with melanoma……..

and then the Pope quit….


Before anything else falls apart in the Papal Palace due to me acting “unusual”, maybe I’ll just “wish” you the very best, OK?


Things will be fine.



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and many good vibes from Germany!!!

Hoping for the best of all possible results!!!




PS: And thank you John, that post made me (also non-religious person) grin. May I quote you?

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i am praying for good results.

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And hoping you got good news to report back to us. Thinking of you guys.


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Wishing you the very best. Anxious to hear the results.


Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011


The following is word for word of the scan report...

Post surgical changes are seen in right lobe of liver. There are no focal Hepatic masses. The gall bladder is nonvisulized. Spleen is enlarged. The pancreas is atrophic and shows no focal mass. No focal lesions are seen in  the adrenals or kidneys.

The PA was very  vague, said that it could be reoccurence and wants pet scam asap. They are scheduling (insurance say wait 14 days but PA says she is going to get that fixed so that it will be very soon.

She mentioned testing for Kras Mutant.... this is where I got confused but I am thinking that she is wondering if his CEA is not a great indicator for him and this could be scar tissue.

I am taking the stance that what ever it is let's identify now and get rid of it.

This is all I know except that I will be calling Madison and let his team know where we are and make arrangements to get there asap.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts... John, we may want to leave the praying to the prayers from now on. LOL That's a joke, I think you should keep praying. Laughing

Any ideas or advice is welcome.


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Not overly religious, more spiritual in nature, but I hear god helps those who help themselves. Makes a lot of sense to me so never give up, educate yourself and push the boundries with your oncologists, cause I find most are lazy to read up on latest research, stUDIEs and trials.

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